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Cassandra Kedibone: "Music is my life!"

Cassandra Kedibone met with fame at a tender age under the tutelage of Hillbrow Outreach Theatre Programme. The graduate of NOSA decided to follow her heart to go back into music after taking a long break to bag a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

Though, the decision wasn’t an easy one but she is finally happy to be doing what she loves to do.

Below is our discussion:

Taiwo: Welcome, Cassy, to Braamfontein Alive. Is good to have you here. 

Cassy: I would like to say, than you for having me here.

Q: Can you please tell us about yourself?

A: What exactly do you wanna about me because there are so many things; so specify what do wanna know?

Q: Your background?

A: My background, as in, my paternal background to who am I? 

Q: Something like that!

A: Okay, well! I’m Cassandra; born and raise in Joburg. I’m from Limpopo in Mokopane. I’m a daughter to my late mum and dad. I’m actually the second but last born (The special one). 

Q: Can you tell us about your journey into music?

A: My music? Well, I first made headlines; that was in 2006-2007 under Hillbrow Outreach Theatre Programme. It went out to Soweto Times, you know your newspapers; everything. I made front pages then, I was still young by the way. I was about eleven (11) years old. I was with HOTP, and I went from there to JR Best Dancers; which is by the way; STONE, within those years and then I changed  to VUGANI and that was my last journey.

Everything that I did at that time was more of theatre so I decided to out with a friend; Bazry Kay (not a friend anymore) to the studio one day who told me “you’ve been hiding behind the scene for too long and I’d like to do a song with you!” And then I said “no problem”. We did it and it was perfect. Our producer then, was the one who actually wanted to work with me; he actually made riot and then  I felt like “I don’t wanna loose my friendship over this because she was the one who took me to the studio!” But after some few months I actually noticed that I can do this. Is my calling anyway. I’ve done since I was young so why stop now?

Is been a difficult journey for me because my relationship actually involved so much into it. Everybody knows I have to do it! My partner knew I had to do it.

You know dating or being married a typical culture guy is very difficult because you have to abide by the rules. You know, it doesn’t matter the situation, circumstances or whatever; you have to abide by the rules. So I had to quit but few months after quitting as well I decided “this is my life; this is really what I want to do!”

It was after I came back from boarding school, because all my life I spent it there and when I came back; I was still with the same man I’m talking about here and then it was hard to bring him in; this is my calling, music is my calling. So I then decided to go back to school to carry on with my studies but music was all over my mind. I went to NOMSA, five stars international school of mining; that’s where I did my Occupational Health and Safety in mining. I knew after study I’d be big but it wasn’t my first priority then because what was always in my mind was to achieve my music career so I have to anyway make him to understand that this is what I wanna do. You know it caused riot here and there but I pulled it through and I did my first song “love, left and un-shown". I was actually left because of pursuing that dream of music and leaving the mining industry.

Then I carried on, It was hard, I have to disappear, up and down. So many people came approaching me but I couldn't because I still had respect for my previous men, husband so I had to choose what I want.

Q: When did that moment come for you when you had to make the choice?

A: That was in 2017, around April and then I decided if this what I want to do everybody has got to support me. And that's when I made the second song "Bamba-Bamba". I've been trying to promote, people have been trying to come along to help me but then I actually never found the right people to push me as I've being pushed by Khalinations Productions.

Q: What kind of music do you do?

A: Well, I call it Soulful/Jazz House. People say is like Afro-pop House. According to my understanding I gave my music a name "Soul/Jazz House Music".

Q: So far so good; are people loving it?

A: People love it, people love me! I don't wanna lie. I don't have any doubts, any low self-esteem about it because I know I can make it with the right people and support around me and we're going places.

Q: Is there any association or is there anything going on between you and Khalinations Productions?

A: How do you mean? Can you just please specify or simplify?

Q: The words on the streets says that you are now with Khalinations Productions; is that true?

A: Yes.

Q: So what do you think about the record label?

A: Well, is a new record label. Personally, knowing how big I can go I'd have never took it as a choice of actually signing under them because I expected bigger; not now and actually also believe I wanted to this on my own without any record label because there are so many rules and what-what-what around having a record deal or anything but when it came up and because this is what I believe I can do and me being me why not; let's take Khalinations Productions further!

Q: What and what would you like to change in the South African music industry to make it go bigger?

A: There are so many ladies, so many guys, so many people but most specifically women, ladies, who are drunken by love and that love or whatever it is; is draining them down to pursue their dreams. I choose to change the perspectives of how their minds think. I want women, actually to think of themselves more and what the future holds for them than what they're having in the present time because nothing lasts forever but their dreams would last forever! Everything would be memorable so is up to them. But what I wanna change is, I want women to believe in women power.

Q: Looking at the media and how some artists' portray of women on musical videos; are we going to see some changes when it comes to yours?

A: Yes, you gonna see a different kind of thing because; well, going back to your question. I don't like what's happening on our music videos. I mean, girls are taken so cheap and low and they like it and that's the biggest false. What they think about is looking nice for the camera and forget about their pride and who they really are just because they wanna be on a music video and so many things that come along side it which I cannot talk about right now because is going to be like I'm judging the industry which I'm not. It does concern me because I'm into the same industry!

So with me, there's gonna be a total different turn completely because I'm gonna be doing things that  people won't like but they should understand because this is a different kind of world; everybody has to be accepted. I, personally, want also promote; your bio-sexual life, your gay life, you know. I want those kind of things so that people would accept them and not only that but so many different things.

Q: Who and who do you wanna work with in South African music industry?

A: I wanna work with Bongi Dube, and Zahara.

Q: And guys?

A: Collen - The  General. He's still new but there's a song he just released Dlozi Lami. I'd like to revamp the song and for all the supports, encouragement and believe I do receive from him I will definitely work with him.

Q: Among South African male celebrities who is your crush?

A: I don't have any, I'm sorry!

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

A: I will be talk of the town, city and world!

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Monday, 15 October 2018

The Woman You MUST Strive to be: Be Beautiful and Brainy.

It is commonly said that beautiful women are not always intelligent and intelligent women are not always beautiful. Can this be really true? 
It's very easy to see beautiful women around but it takes more than just beauty to make a woman brainy. 
What kind of woman are you striving to be? 
There are lots of women whose sole aim is to look good physically but they pay no attention to their inner being. They can spend so much on Mary Kay to have a glowing facial skin, buy Louis Vuitton expensive bags, jewelry and designer clothings but on the inside, they're so ugly. 
It's not a crime to look good, trust me, I appreciate good looking women with good fashion combo but hey sis, what do you have to offer when men gets closer to you? 
As much as you invest on your physical appearance, don't fail to invest twice that amount on your inner man. Don't just be a woman with beautiful appearance, work on these aspects too.
1. Character
King Solomon told us that beauty is vanity but a woman that fears the Lord shall be praised. Madam, you can prove him wrong by becoming beautiful and at the same time fear God. 
There are not so many beautiful women with enviable character. Don't make your beauty your selling point, place much emphasis on your character. 
If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is missing but if character is lost, everything is gone. 
Your beauty will truly attract men but your character will keep men or send them away from you even Mr. Right. Strive to be a woman that fears the Lord because this would shapen your character and determine how you behave before all kinds of men (boss, husband, in-laws and so on).
Invest so much in your character because people may forget how you look but they'll never forget how you behave. 
2. Intelligence 
Truthfully speaking, not so many women are blessed with an high IQ unlike men; men are logical in nature but women are emotional. But be it as it may, you can break that law and make yourself an exception. 
Abigail did just that in the Bible. Do you remember her story in 1 Samuel 25? She was married to a man who's a fool but she was able to accommodate him. She was beautiful and brainy. Through her intelligence, she tamed David's justice so that his wrath won't be expressed on her family. 
Strive to be a woman who's spiritually, financially and mentally intelligent. 
You can achieve these by investing more into your spiritual life. If you lack wisdom, ask God, meditate on God's word frequently instead of reading gossip news or waste time on social media; buy godly books that would transform you inside out and don't read junks (romance novels) that adds no value to your life and destiny. 
You cannot be more intelligent than what you feed your soul with. Don't just wear the latest designers, update your knowledge so that your understanding can be broadened. Know little about everything rather than know nothing about important things in life. 
Strive to be a woman that can hold intelligent conversations with men or other women and don't be a degree holder in gossip.
Ordinary men may tolerate beautiful women with no brain because of what they want to use them to achieve but real men needs a woman who balances both.
Having read through these series on striving to be the woman you ought to be, take note on the weaknesses in your life and convert them to strength. Do not forget that the kind of woman you are today is the same mother you'd become in the future and you'll reproduce your kind in your children unless you embrace positive change now. 
Will I meet you at the top and discover that you have a beautiful container but no content? Strive to be beautiful and brainy!
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi 2018