Friday, 14 June 2019


You are more than a cook and baby factory. You are on a earth for a purpose. What is your vision, what is your mission? What is your reason for existence?
If you have no job or business you are doing and you are looking for an ATM man to dump all your financial responsibility on, you will end up a leech, not a wife, a sucker, not a giver, a liability, not an asset, a burden not a burden bearer! Get a job!
Some ladies are in their twenties and they look close to their graves, why? How many children have you had? Why are you not firm, smart, healthy and attractive? If you have health issues, darling, pray for healing before you get married. With faith you will be healed. If you eat junks, stop the trash and eat healthy food. Too much sugar, red meat, chocolates are not good for you. They are waiting to affect your body in future.
You don't talk to a man like your errand boy or primary school mate. You talk to him as your head with respect and honour. If you can't respect a man and regard him as the leader in your relationship, forget about marriage darling or you may end up divorced.
See, men don't joke with their stomach. Learn to cook different types of food and soup. Routine food eventually becomes tasteless and uninviting. Men love adventure. Children love adventure. Cooking different types of soup/ food make your husband stay at home and have no need wandering into bukaterias, cafeterias, eateries etc where daughters of Jezebel may seduce and snatch him from you!
Not by practicing for God's sake, you are not yet married. Few months/weeks to your wedding, learn about your sexual anatomy, sexuality, reproductive organs, genitals, etc. Be familiar with your body and prepare for quality sex IN MARRIAGE. I get too many chats from naive, ignorant brides and it gets to me. Some even stay off sex for weeks or months on end after wedding. What's the meaning of that nonsense? If you know you will masturbate or fornicate if you will learn about your sexuality then wait at least 2 weeks to wedding and read! Take a mirror and look at your vagina, labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, vagina entrance, some say if you look close enough you will see your hymen. Each part has its functions in marriage. Get EVERY WOMAN and read. It will help you understand your body better as a woman.
A woman who cannot pray is not ready for marriage! Your husband has a great destiny to fulfill, you have a great destiny to fulfill, your children have great destiny to fulfill and the devil won't fold his arms and watch protect your family by soaking them in prayer! If you are a lazy spiritual bum as a single lady, your prayer life will end up a sorry case after marriage!
Before you become a wife, prepare well so you do not end up a failure in your husbands house. May the Lord grant you understanding.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!
By Seun Oladele

Thursday, 13 June 2019


Some have been telling me they don't like the way their partner looks, dresses, talks or approach life, yet they are hell bent on marrying them, what's my advice?
You need to learn to hear God CLEARLY please. No one who truly enjoys marital bliss hates their spouse!
Those who say you won't admire or love God's will when they appear are carnal, ignorant of the Bible or are simply being fanatic!
Adam exclaimed with admiration the moment he saw Eve! Abraham loved and liked Sarah, Isaac loved and liked Rebecca, Jacob loved and like Rachael.
Every single couple I know who enjoy real marital bliss like and love each other. God will never give you someone you hate, it is not written any where in the bible we won't like our spouses. It's the reason so many couples including Pastors are committing adultery!
They don't love and like their spouse, some hate them with passionate hatred, some are ashamed of their spouses in public. For you to marry right, you must learn to hear God rightly and CLEARLY.
God will never give you someone you hate. If you don't like seeing your partner or you are ashamed if them. You better pray again.

May the Lord grant you understanding. Cheers!

By  Seun Oladele.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


" I will change later" Is a myth. If they cannot change while you are still courting, they won't change after marriage.
A man who smokes and drinks won't change because of you when you get married. If courting him for Methuselah years won't make him quit tobacco and alcohol, you will do well to either bow out of the relationship or accept him lovingly the way he is. People rarely change after marriage.
A lady who insults and 'lambasts' you at any slight provocation won't suddenly turn into a lamb after wedding. All the years of courtship should have transformed her into a Cinderella. If she won't change in courtship, she will not change in marriage.
He cheats on you in courtship and always come back with tears after having sex with them, blaming your abstinence on his gross misconduct. He will still blame you for whatever flimsy excuse he could lay his hand on in marriage for committing adultery.
She flirts around and and enjoys seducing men, yet you see no harm in it; "she's just being sexy", you smile with yourself and rub your stomach in satisfaction for catching a hot chick, don't be shocked if she sleeps around in marriage.
The best time people want to change is in courtship because they are trying hard to win your love. If they disrespect your feelings enough to stubbornly continue with the habits that drives you crazy, it's a sign you are not meant to be together, the earlier you release them to find someone who love them perfectly with their lifestyle, the better for you.
Singles erroneously think there is a magic wand that changes people on the wedding day, that may happen in Disney cartoon, not in real life.
Sit your partner down and come to realistic conclusions before it is too late for both of you. They either stop hurting you or you go your separate ways. God bless you. Cheers!

By Seun Oladele

Tuesday, 11 June 2019


You don't need to worry your head when your menstruation is late or you missed it once in a blue moon as long as you are a virgin.

 That's one of the blessings of virginity, nothing to worry about! But if you are sleeping around?

May you not develop high blood pressure when your menstruation comes late!

Keep your laps closed baby and face your studies.

Your future is what you should be thinking about, not the date of your next menstruation! Not fear of pregnancy!

Not how your father will collapse of he discovers you are carrying a "bastard"! Not abortion! Not untimely death because you can't say No to premarital sex!

You can't resist sleeping around! You can't open your mouth wide and say " NO!" When a guy pressures you for sex!

Some have become so addicted they even want it, cry for it, ask for it, seduce to get it!

May the power of the Lord help those in sexual bondage!

May His grace sustain all virgins.

May you remain undefiled till your wedding night.

Momma loves you. I care! Jesus loves you most. Cheers!

By Seun Oladele.

Monday, 10 June 2019


Why in the name of God will you tell every Tom, Dick and Harry you are still a virgin, for what? So they can praise you or give you a trophy? Do you know how many ladies are regretting losing theirs and will make sure you lose yours too? Why are you stirring jealousy up and down? Do you know the number of guys/ladies bitterly annoyed you are still intact are seeking your downfall?
Wisdom is profitable to direct young lady! If anyone ask you if you are a virgin, just tell them it's for God and your future spouse to know. Don't listen to their ridicule ooo! They may laugh at you and say you are not or you would have told them, it's a ploy to get the golden word out of your mouth! I can't tell you the number of ladies regretting this folly! Use your common sense baby and grow up!
You are not a local CNN! neither are you BBC or AIT! Keep your mouth shut and save your destiny. Stop broadcasting what should be kept private. Your virginity is yours to protect, if you lose it carelessly, you alone will bear the consequence. A little word is enough for the wise!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele

Friday, 7 June 2019


While speaking at a university, a student asked me this question: "I have a high sex drive, I've prayed and fasted and did everything I know under heaven to curb it, it's just not abating, what else can I do ma'm?"
I laughed when I read the question. Come on girl, it's not going to abate. It's gonna increase instead.
That high sex drive is great gift from the father of our Lord Jesus Christ and your future husband is blessed. How many women have high sex drive? Some men are praying day and night for God to increase the volume of their wifey's desire for sex. Thank the Lord Jesus for your gift, it's uncommon.
Whether high or low, everyone goes horny at one point or the other. Three days to your menstruation and three days after, your body will be yearning to have a man go down there. Of course you can't do it unless you want to have your self esteem battered for life and enter marriage broken and damaged so what do you do anytime you feel horny?
1. READ THE WORD OF GOD: It is a powerful mind cleanser. It sure works like fire and get that fire doused super fast.
2. SPEAK IN TONGUES: that's a special, beautiful gift for all born agains Christians free of charge. Speaking in tongues gets you tuned up to our heavenly papa and that shitty guy (devil) leaves you alone.
3. DON'T GO NEAR GUYS DURING THAT PERIOD: No touching, no hugging, no handshake unless you want serious trouble. To avoid explosion, petrol must always run away from fire!
4. IF YOU MUST TOUCH OR HUG: go hug sisters, not lesbians though, you get some emotions relieved. Never watch porn and don't masturbate.
5.GET BUSY: Romance your books, no not literally. Read, get your mind busy. Be an A student.
6. EXERCISE: Run round your block/apartment about 20 times, that should shift your mind.
Thank God for your special gift and look forward to explosive sex in marriage. Your future husband is blessed. Cheers!

By Seun Oladele.

Thursday, 6 June 2019


I don't understand some girls. You see a lady/girl wear skin tight, breast and thigh revealing, sexy clothe, visit a boyfriend in his apartment or even sleep over in her fiance's house and will be writhing and grumbling "NO" when the guy is asking for sex, excuse me, who do you think he is? An idiot?

If you don't want sex, why do you wear that clothe? Why do you visit him? Why do you spend the night in his house?

These girls actually know what they are doing; they wear that dress to turn the guy on, to see if they are sexually attractive to him and he will make an advance and when the lusting thief makes the sexual advances, they suddenly remember USAC, all the teachings on pre-marital sex their mother gave them, hell fire and brimstone, their counsellors' warnings etc, and are shaking, squirming and weakly saying NO.

Listen, if you don't want a party, don't send an invitation. There are some clothes meant for your bedroom, don't step into your sitting room talk less of compound and then outside with it. There are some clothes you can't wear around the opposite sex, it just doesn't make sense. There are clothes that should not follow you to the studio talk less of posting the picture on face book. If my picture get too much male attention on face book, I pull it down. I don't have so many pictures on the social media. You can call me a fanatic, that's your business!

Sometimes we women don't know we are turning men on with what we wear. You can let adults or caring males like your father or brother guide you. My husband watch what I wear before I step out of the house and I'm okay with it. If he feels roving eyes will concentrate there, I change the clothe ASAP. I'm not saying you should not be fashionable and smart, God knows I love smart, fashionable wears that makes me feel like a complete woman with power and confidence but if it is causing accidents on the road, a beg don't send anyone to hell. Hope my point is clear? 

By Seun Oladele.