Friday, 16 November 2018


I don't know what is wrong with some ladies, once they are in a relationship, they turn the guy to Automated Teller Machine (ATM)! They suspend their brain and hands, refuse to work and harass the man up and down for money for little, trivial things including chewing gum and ice cream!
You are responsible for your problems, deal with them and grow up. Marriage is not for over spoilt, pampered brats who hate to work and make good use of their hands! A wife is a help-meet not a take-meet. Marriage is give and give, not take and take. You are going into marriage to help that man become great not suck greatness out of him!
When a man loves you, he naturally gives without harassing him and make his life a living hell on earth! Buying you things gives him pleasure and paying his bills in marriage won't be a problem. He is into your life to be a blessing not a curse! If he is so stingy right now he won't contribute a dime to the relationship even when you are dying, end the relationship!
You go into courtship to be a blessing not use the other person as a blessing! You are there to give, not to take and take till the other person has nothing to give! A stingy man is simply not in love with you, if he loves you, he will give!
I naturally hate begging as a single lady with passionate hatred so when I met hubby, begging was out of it yet, I was in need of so many things. Since we met, he had always given. He gave and gave and gave and gave. He still told me yesterday I need to give you more...without asking, pressurizing, complaining or disturbing his life.
When I go into relationships with people, the first thing I ask is, what can I give? How can I make the life of this person better? What is available with me that will be useful to this person? It can be words of encouragement, a hug, an advise that will change their lives, food stuff, money, support, etc. There is something to give, always look for ways to give.
Ladies who complain men always ask them for sex have a lot of things to confess. If you are in the habit of asking every Tom, Dick and Harry for money, they will pressurize you for sex. For ungodly men, nothing goes for nothing.
I'm not asking you not to ask for help when you genuinely need it. It's a different ball game entirely but before asking, ensure you have tried to solve half of it yourself before disturbing people all over the places. Life is about solving problems. Marriage is about solving problems, learn to solve your own problems! That is what makes you an asset to your husband! A lazy, irresponsible woman is rottenness in any man's bone.
Hardworking, responsible ladies are attractive; begging, lazy, indolent ladies are repulsive.
Find work to do and learn to be a blessing to the people around you. You will be glad you did. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Yes, you sinned, yes you fornicated, yes you are a dedicated church worker yet you committed that adultery in secret and each time you remember, you feel so bad, condemned, worthless and useless!
You've masturbated over and over and over again, asked God for forgiveness over and over and over again till you got tired and worn out. You may think, "what's the use? I might as well have the real sex and go to hell! I am a certified sinner already why try to change when its so difficult?" No, you are not going to hell, you will go to heaven. Please, don't give in to the devil; don't quit trying, don't stop asking for forgiveness, don't quit trying. Don't accept defeat.
Dr. Mike Murdock said "struggle is a sign that you have not yet been defeated." Jesus became flesh so He could feel what we feel and trust me, He understands. Keep asking for forgiveness, He will always forgive you till you are strong enough and can't commit those sins again.
If Jesus told Peter to forgive those who offend him 490 times in 24 hours, how much more God? He never asks us to do things He doesn't do. The Lord can forgive you 1000 times per day! Yes, He can and He will.
I'm not encouraging sin. No one reaches perfection in a day, we all have areas we struggle and face temptation, it takes time to overcome some weaknesses. If you will keep seeking the Lord's help, if you never give up, one day you will look back and realize you do not commit that sin anymore. 

Jesus ALWAYS loves you. NEVER GIVE UP! Fight till you win. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Genesis of Sexual Sins.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step and once a step has been taken, it's no longer a thousand miles. 
God did not create man to be a sinner, a point in his life came when he was introduced to sin. However, sin came into the world through Satan and it entered into the whole human race through Adam and Eve. 
Do you know that sinners would lure you into sexual sin? 
One of the areas through which Satan fulfill his 3-point agenda in the life of youth in this age is through sexual sin. There's nothing that destroys the life and destinies of youths faster other than sexual sin. 
You know why? 
Every sin a man does is outside the body; but he (or she) that commits fornication sins against his (or her) own body (1 Cor. 6:17).
Sexual sin is a sin you commit which involves sex or your sexual organs, it is sexual in nature. It may involve two persons or it can be committed by an individual. Sexual sin is often common to people who are in a love relationship, especially online friends or real life friends. 
The likes of masturbation, pornography and lustful thoughts can be committed alone but when it comes to kissing, premarital sex, erotic conversation, caressing each others sexual organs amongst others, it involves two persons.
In my personal experience in relationship, I have discovered that sexual sin that involves two persons often starts with a demand, a request, a suggestion or a harmless compliment. 
When a man begins to complement you sexually, he's setting you up for sexual sin if you do not shun him immediately. When a lady tells you how handsome or good in bed you'd become, there's fire on the mountain. 
The serpent told Eve that she will not surely die when she eats the forbidden fruit. When you're lured into sexual sin, you'd be told things like these: "It's just a kiss", "We'll only 'romance' but not have sex", "Are you not a man?", "There's nothing wrong with it", "We'll do it once", "It's not a big a deal", "Don't be too spiritual", "Everyone is doing it", "I won't hurt you", "Are you not a big girl?", "You will enjoy it", "I hope you're not like those spirikoko brothers/sisters and so on. Run for your dear life! 
If the first step has been taken and you do not flee or you did little 'shakara' and you came back again, this time, a giant stride will be accomplished which will destroy you. 
Do you remember Samson? He told Delilah several secrets until he let out his mind. You'll fall into sexual sin when your emotions has been tied to the sinful partner or act and it'd be difficult to let go. 
If you've not fallen neck deep inside it, hold this truth with your right hand. It takes one sinner to lure a careless saint into sexual sin. And Proverbs 1:10 has this to say, "My son (daughter), if sinners entice you, consent you not".
Sinners are in the church, on social media and are disguised as friends. Be careful! They'll come in sheep's clothing, whereas, they're are wolves (sinners) who will devour you. 
What makes people victim of sexual sin is an enticement. You can be enticed with money, gift, false care, lust with the shade of love, attention and so on until you're gradually trapped in it. 
Another reason why you'd fall into sexual sin when it involves two persons is that you spend time with one 'special' person to be chatting, reading or visiting at odd hours and emotional intimacy is involved. This is a trap your flesh or the devil will utilize to make you fall. 
The only way to overcome sexual sin is to quit the relationship, especially when it involves another person. Is that harsh? If Joseph hadn't fled, he would have remained a glorious slave in Potiphar's house instead of becoming all that God wanted him to be. 
Run for your dear life, destiny and for the sake of the destinies attached to you. It is better to flee sexual sin and retain your glory, virtue, sexual purity and destiny than to embrace the temporal pleasure that comes with it and become a walking Ichabod. 
Are you a victim of sexual sin? Are you finding it difficult to be free from the struggles of sexual sins? You can't help yourself. You need a Savior and a person who can guide you into His victory. Trust me, I've been there and His grace has made me victorious over it. You can confide in me. 
Don't wallow in guilt, self-pity or condemnation. You are not born to be slaves to sexual sin or that relationship that makes you a victim. 
You can overcome and you'd surely overcome. 
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


For every woman desiring to marry a great, highly successful, super intelligent, fearless, courageous, handsome and anointed man like Samson, prepare for a Delilah!

I don't mean to scare you, Samson is hard to keep. You need to work extra hard on your self to keep being the only focus in their lives.

Samson is rare, so are their lifestyles and habits -they come in a high package: high brain, high taste, high power and high sexual drive. Samson's libido was super high. It was not his fault, God blessed him with unusual adrenaline; his testosterone was way too high for the common man and so was the blood rushing to all the appropriate places, the result? An insatiable hunger for sex.

Here comes Delilah! Most women erroneously think Delilah was a prostitute. No, she was not! Delilah was an aristocrat. She was a raving beauty no doubt but she was also very intelligent, super rich and dined with the high and mighty. She was the type of woman common men feared and admired from a distance. She had an aura of success and power around her, she was the perfect challenge for Samson.

Your Samson will like challenges. He will be very creative and love creative surprises, if you don't meet up with this demand at home, his life will become boring and any woman who fills that role becomes an instant attraction.

Yes, there are enemies who hate your Samson! Why would he get all the success and admiration and leave them with nothing? Satan is still in the business of setting up Delilahs. Many women still ignorantly think the first thing Delilah threw at Samson was sex. They see her as a sex goddess who seduced him with all manner of sex orgies they could ever think of, if you think that way, you will never have a successful marriage with Samson. No, it was not sex. The Bible didn't even talk about their sex life at all. The first thing she gave him was ADMIRATION. That blew Samson off.

Successful men crave admiration. He needs to know he's doing great and he sweeps you off your feet.

Next, was comfort, she gave him her laps. Samson was huge and his major occupation was fighting his enemies morning, noon and night. Fighting competitors in business and career is not a joke so Samson was all worn out and tired. Delilah understood this and gave him PHYSICAL COMFORT -her laps.

What was Samson doing on her laps? He was listening to her while she praised, admired, played with his hair and romanced him, read that again, romance, not sex. Some women think all a man needs his sex and nothing more. A common man may need just that but not Samson, Samson needs the romance BADLY. He needs the gentle touches, soft kisses, gentle massages and admiration. He needs to be treated like a baby at home. He wants you to sing in his ears the same way you sing to your baby. He needs to be pampered after a hard day's job. If Delilah gave him sex after the whole show, the Bible did not tell, all we know is he fell for her hype, deceit and manipulation and lost his power neat! That is the job of Delilah, to steal your husband's power! Mission accomplished.

What happens after then? She ran and left the Philistines to finish him! Hmmm.... Before you marry your Samson, ask yourself these questions, are you capable? Do you have what it takes? Can you meet this man's high needs or you just want to be his wife to enjoy his money and nothing more?

Not all Samson have fallen to Delilah. There are thousands upon thousands who ignore her and focus on their wives but remember it doesn't come easy and cheap... behind every great man is a great wife or else.... you will not fail in Jesus name. See you next time.

God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele.
Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.