Friday, 21 September 2018


Maturity-the acceptance of responsibility determines when you marry, not age. "I have seen men at 20 and boys at 60." There are 20 something years old ladies who act more mature than ladies in their thirties. Get educated, know how to make money, pay bills, accept responsibilities and take care of someone else.
2. HOW DO I KNOW GOD'S WILL FOR MY LIFE? Get born again, fellowship with God daily, read your bible, pray and learn to obey God daily. Read HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD by Joyce Meyers to know the ways and methods God speaks to His children.
3. SHOULD CHRISTIAN LADIES WEAR TROUSERS? Follow your church's doctrine. If they wear it in your church, fine. If not, fine. Jesus didn't waste His precious time arguing over irrelevant matters. His message was simple: "Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more." Period. No one should argue with me here. I don't have time for argument. If you hate trousers, change your church to wear they don't wear and vice versa. Same thing with Jewelries and others. Make sure you marry a man/woman who believes in your conviction. This is very important. If he loves make up and you hate it with passionate hatred, your marriage is in hot soup!
4. MUST A VIRGIN MARRY ANOTHER VIRGIN? Where is that written in the Bible? Marry God's will for your life. If God's will for you is to marry a virgin, congratulations.
Stop watching porn, stop watching all romantic movies, study your Bible at least 3 times daily. Fellowship with the Lord with all your heart. Study Psalm 119, Romans 12 and Colossians 3.
6. CAN A LADY MARRY A MAN SHE IS OLDER THAN? Why not? As long as you respect him and he is mature enough to husband you, be a role model and a leader to you, someone you admire and look up to, you are good to go!
7. I HAVE A BAD PAST, CAN I STILL FIND A GOOD MAN TO MARRY? Read 2nd Corinthians 5:17. God does not not consult your past to determine your future. As long as you have asked for forgiveness, your past is gone forever! He has a godly husband in stock for you. Expect him, he is on his way!
8. MY PARENTS HATE MY PARTNER. If your partner is truly God's will for you, pray, ask God to touch their hearts.
Amos 3:3; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.
10. DO ALL VIRGINS SEE BLOOD AT THEIR FIRST SEX? No. Not all virgins have hymen but the percentage of those who don't bleed are few. Live a trust worthy life. Ensure your partner does not romance, fondle or have sex with you in courtship and have a clean record with guys so he can trust you incase you don't bleed on the wedding night.
Marry God's will for your life. A man who loves you for who you are not because you have hymen. Hymen will go but true love will stay.
I hope I've answered one or two questions bothering you? See you next time. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

Thursday, 20 September 2018


Should married couples watch porn? Will it boost their sex lives? Lots of people have asked me this question, the answer is capital letter NO. I had to make a research on it as I do not like writing on something I know next to nothing about. Here are my findings:
1. PORN IS DEMONIC! It's rock bottom aim is not to help you improve on sex in marriage, it is to spread lust and break marriages! You can't watch porn and not lust! You will expect your wife to have something bigger, rounder, flatter or toner while the wife expects the husband to have it larger down there while going on for as long as the business men cum porn producers lied that a man can go!
Some of those women's bodies are fake! They did plastic surgery, breast enlargement, butt enlargement, manhood enlargement, etc and they do not have to battle sagging and stretch marks because they ain't producing babies and breast feeding! Never compare your wife with a porn star, never! She is not a prostitute! Never expect your husband to have a bigger manhood, you are not a whore!
2. THE PORN STARS ARE NOT MARRIED so they can't be your role model for satisfying sex. What you are watching is a display of lust between two singles who do not understand the meaning of marriage, responsibility and commitment. All they wake up to do is have sex in front of camera and make money, that's all!
3. MOST OF THE ACTS ARE NOT REALISTIC! They are under the strong influence of drugs. The man goes for 10 rounds and he is not tired while the woman is moaning all through! That is simply crazy! In real life, you don't go 10 rounds at a time unless you want to die before your time, neither is your wife on cocaine or sex boosting drugs! If she goes 5 rounds, she deserves an award!
4. THE SOUNDS ARE CRAZY! Those moans are artificial and based on business arrangement not out of pleasure, there are some moaning that simply doesn't make any sense! You can't expect your spouse to moan that way because you are not producing a movie and grunting to keep your job, this is real life. Real life moaning is based on true pleasure not grunting and "ooshing" every now and then. Pornography doesn't teach reality!
5. IT IS PAINFUL! In a loving marriage the man is gentle, tender and affectionate towards the woman but in porn, he is rough, aggressive and blind to her pains.
There is a way a man handles a woman she will experience pain no matter how long she has been having sex, and there is how deep he goes, she cringes in pain. This actresses have been trained to moan through their pain, they must not complain or cry, they have to act like they enjoyed it. It is physical and mental torture of women who are nothing but sex toys to the money hungry porn producers. If you handle your wife that way, you will keep giving her pain, not pleasure! The end result is divorce!
6. UNREALISTIC SEX STYLE: some sex styles are just not realistic unless you want to break your spouse's spinal cord! I don't know how a sane person will have sex with head down and legs hanging up. Some would even be handcuffed like criminals!
7. SOME OF THE ACTRESSES ARE KIDS: children between age 13 and 18 who ought to know nothing called sex and should be busy with their studies flood the porn market. You should cringe seeing a girl young enough to be your grand daughter, throw her body opened before the camera, have sex like that is the only thing she's born to do and shed tears instead of burning with lust and plan on getting a young girl like her. You should be the one teaching her self dignity, not you learning how to have sex from her! That's crazy! Can you learn how to have sex from your daughter or grand daughter? It's madness!
8. IT CAUSES MASTURBATION! You can't watch those heavy scenes and not masturbate when your spouse is not around and when you start enjoying masturbation instead of sex, you quit the sex altogether. Worst still, your sex life becomes a nightmare as you suffer from pre-mature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or erectile dysfunction -the resultant effect of masturbation!
9. YOU BECOME ADDICTED to porn and your thinking about the opposite sex gets warped. You see them as sex toys and go after anything in skirt including girls young enough to be your daughter! Pornography turns your thinking upside down!
10. YOU COMMIT ADULTERY! Ah! You can't watch that thing consistently and not desire another man's wife/husband or simply run after young boys and girls.
Learning from porn just doesn't make sense, it will do your marriage more harm than good and you will eventually lose what you are desperately trying to keep.
Read godly books on sex instead. Listen to godly tapes and read godly articles on Internet. Those are objective and realistic. They help you love your spouse and not See them as sex objects. You draw closer to God not far away from Him and your sex life gradually becomes better.
Avoid pornography at all cost, it will damage you. May you not lose your marriage to porn in Jesus' name.
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© Seun Oladele.


Forget about your neighbour's wife and admire yours, kit her! A woman is a costume being. With a change of cloth, hairdo, the right cream and make up, you will be surprised at the transformation.
There is nothing your neighbour's wife has that yours doesn't, you just need to spend extra money and show her extra care, that's all!
If her stomach is too big, buy her a waist trainer, teach her kegel exercise or get her resources that will help her shape up. If she's too fat, encourage her to drop the weight, if she has stretch marks, help her get the cream that will help her solve the problem. If her breasts sag, help her get nice push up bras!
The easiest way to damage a woman's ego is to condemn her looks, she can commit suicide as a result, it happens!
The rate at which more men including Pastors and Bishops have affairs is alarming! Let's apply brake please! Each man should derive maximum satisfaction from his wife and do all it takes to keep his eyes at home.
Stop drooling over your secretary, stop chasing teenage girls all over the street. Stop wishing you married your wife's younger sister. Be CONTENTED with what you have. Make your wife what you want her to be like. The making of a beautiful wife is in the hand of her husband. Your wife looks exactly your pocket, spend more and see her glow more.
Kit your wife. There is a beautiful queen on her inside waiting for the right motivation, motivate her, encourage her and make your wife a superstar worth envying.


© Seun Oladele.


I used to think flirting is about wearing a lingerie, battling eyelashes, rubbing your hands all over the guy, pouting at the lady and circling your hand around her waist, current research has proven me wrong! Flirting is more subtle and most married and singles are guilty of it, yes, married people also flirt!
You often flirt without knowing and you need to put a full stop to any of these if you do not want to commit fornication or adultery.
1. You call the opposite sex dear a lot. "Thanks dear", "Yes my dear", "When should I be expecting you dear...?" If they are your mentees, sibling, sons/daughters whom you have, pure, godly relationship with, it's a different ball game entirely but if they are just friends or secret admirers whose emotions you are manipulating to your own advantage, that "dear" is flirty!
2. You wear sensitive clothes to attract their attention -nothing serious, just a little branch off from your normal wears to get their attention to your curves, muscular biceps or body build -that is flirting.
3. You are using words you don't normally use in your everyday language for them like "cool", "joor", "na", "k" etc in order to show emotional intimacy, you are flirting!
4. You say things that are ourightly sexy or show deep intimacy -that is full blown flirting!
6. You say negative things about your spouse/partner to them while praising their good qualities, it is flirting!
7. You chat about very personal/emotional issues far into the night, you are seriously flirting!
8. You outrightly call them pet names -that is no longer flirting, it is an affair!
9. You visit them in their apartment without informing your spouse -emotional affair has started -that is serious flirting!
10. You touch them a lot, you will soon strip each other naked.
Married or single, avoid flirting at all cost. It adds nothing to you, neither does it help your marriage in anyway. Men should avoid touching ladies carelessly. It doesn't speak well of you. Married people should mind how they address and talk to the opposite sex. Always remember you are married, if you often forget, you need a larger and bigger wedding ring with a mighty rock on it to keep pulling your mind back to where it should be.
All these holy hugs we do in church while enjoying the sisters full breasts should stop. Sisters should stop helping men pick dirt from their beard, you are not a refuse picker.
Married women should please, stop confiding in the opposite sex unless he is your father, brother or a disciplined marriage counsellor. Personal problems bond us to the opposite sex.
Single brothers should stop calling sisters pet names in the name of brotherly love and sisters should stop hugging brothers in "Holy Embrace" all these are flirting.
"Flee all appearances of evil" is what the Holy Book says, Flee!

© Seun Oladele