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Friday, 22 March 2019


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Sexual immorality is on the increase all over the world. Adultery is fast becoming the norm and men of God are also joining the club. Married women are not left out, many are having secret lovers and emotional affairs are becoming the order of the day.

The rate at which immorality is increasing is alarming! It is spreading fast into every nook and cranny and children are also being initiated into the club. It's no news that 4, 5 years old kids now have sex with each other. Staying sexually pure these days is becoming a Herculean task.

One of the reasons people fall flat into illicit sex is over confidence. The stupid belief that you can be free around the opposite sex and nothing would happen!

A lot will happen! One of the ways you can stay sexually pure whether married or single these end time is to set strict boundaries. If you are too careless around the opposite sex, you will fall flat on your face! That is the truth. The earlier you believe this and work on it, the better. You can't be careless around the opposite sex and hope to stay sexually pure, set boundaries!

There are some people who can't be your friends, raise the standard. Any body can call you names, that's their headache, you have your destiny to protect. As a rule, I don't make friends with liars, gossips and jealous women. They make life so complicated. If you believe in illicit sex, we can't be friends, period!

Monitor your chats. Don't allow anybody send you flirty messages, no matter how innocent it sounds, warn them and if they refuse to stop, block them!

Limit the hugs and touches. I don't hug men as a rule. If I must hug, my husband must be around and you should hug both of us. If your hugging anointing is only for women, I want none of it.

Don't allow anybody call you pet names (except your close family members and same sex friends), it doesn't make any sense. Pet names turn the opposite on, if you don't know that, know it right now.

Be sensitive to attractions. Don't be naive around the opposite sex, know when a man/ woman is sexually attracted to you and move back from that person. If they focus too much on your physique and body, they are sexually attracted to you, move back.

Know when you are sexually attracted to someone and move back. It's perfectly normal to have chemistry for someone. Marrying the greatest man on earth or the most beautiful, virtuous woman in the universe will not automatically stop you from being attracted to someone else. Know when the thought of another man/ woman get you excited and move back.
Don't jump at new relationships. Give it time. Study the person, know what they stand for, see if your core values are compatible, if not, move back!

Leadership attracts all kinds of people. If you are a leader or you are gifted, talented or intelligent, the opposite sex will show more interest in you, be careful whom you allow to get close to you.

Accepts gifts with care. Men don't joke with their time and money. If he spends so much time and money on you especially when you do not ask, he may one day ask for sex. Stop begging men for money. Work with your two hands and raise your standard. Men will respect and honour you for it.

Work on your marriage. Fix the problem as soon as possible or else you get attracted to someone who gives you what you lack in your marriage, adultery is the result.

Be prayerful, be watchful. Jesus says "watch and pray that ye may not fall into temptation..."

Don't stay with the opposite sex in a dark or lonely room.

Don't counsel the opposite sex on a bed in a lonely room.

Avoid provocative dresses and pictures. Let your spouse advice you on what is okay for you.

Mind the pictures you post on the social media, if it is getting unnecessary opposite sex attention, delete it.
Don't visit the opposite sex alone, it doesn't make sense.

These and more are the things you need to do to stay sexually pure in this 21st century.

People may laugh at you, it doesn't matter. They may call you a neurotic, psychotic, fanatic, over sensitive or paranoid, don't give a damn! Your destiny is too precious to waste on the altar of sin. Avoid friends who make fun of holiness and make friends with people who appreciate purity and holiness. You will not fall in Jesus name. God bless you, cheers!

By Deeper Family.
Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo (OST)

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019


When it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, don't rely on your brain especially when there is a little chemistry from one person to another. Once there is a silent attraction, either emotional, physical or sexual, you can't handle that relationship, no you are not smart enough!

God Himself warns: "Let he that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." He didn't say, "let he that standeth" but "he that THINKETH he standeth." When you think you can handle that little kiss, the little flirty messages that makes your heart race at 360 degree and yearn for sex or deep romance, when you start having strange feelings for someone other than your spouse, you are looking for serious trouble. FLEE is what the Bible says: Run, vamoose, disappear, jet off, scrap! Fly out, disengage, cut off, say bye bye to the relationship and get your bearing!

When a man is hell bent on slaying a lady and she still tells me she's smart and can handle him, I used to laugh out loud. 

My dear, you are deceiving yourself big time! That guy will have sex with you neat! No matter how intelligent a lady is, if she does not set boundaries around her and have a mentor she's accountable to, men will have a field day sleeping with her and breaking her heart over and over again!

It's very easy to pull a man down or destroy him, just put a woman around him. No matter how smart he thinks he is, that woman will finish him within a week max! Ask from Samson, the most powerful man in Israel at that time! You can't handle a woman hell bent on destroying you! You need to set boundaries brother! There you are in a sister's room at 11 pm doing Bible study together on a cold, rainy night and you are holding hands praying together right on her bed! What the hell do you think you are doing? And you still tell me you are smart? Story for the fools!!

Bottom line, to stay sexually pure even in courtship, know your limit. Set boundaries. Avoid unnecessary closeness to the opposite sex. Don't use emotional/sexual words that scatter the other person's brain and you believe all is well.

Have a mentor you are accountable to. Always watch your feelings, don't allow it to wander where it should not.

Stop crushing on your boss, he is married for God's sake! Why are you alway's thinking about your bestie's wife's behind, what is the problem? That guy is already engaged, stop sending him signals.

Your visit to the opposite sex should end by 7pm max. 6pm is better. All pet names should be reserved for your future spouse. What you will not eat, don't smell it.

May the Lord grant you the grace to always do what is right.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.