Thursday, 14 May 2015

Numsa protest against unfair dismisal of workers.

Avenge Trident Steel on 28th April, 2015 decided to lay off 800 workers from their plant(s) without proper reason as complained by Numsa.

            Braamfontein received a roar during the early hours of today when the so 800 unfairly dismissed workers came to protest at the labour court on Juta street; while members of Numsa, (an association representing the workers) and their employer tackle it out.

The employees are complaining among other things like the introduction of a new contract that would rob them of so many benefits, unfair dismissal and unfavourable salary package.

            According to Siphiwe, one of the 800 dismissed workers, in an interview with Braamfontein Alive disclosed that, his employer introduced a new contract that would enslave and rob him of his benefit after working for seven (7) years in the company. He said in his own words that “they want me to sign a new contract that would make me to start afresh so that I would loose my seven years of benefit.” He concludes as “I don’t want to work again. All I need is my savings and I will leave the place.”

Efforts to reach the representative(s) of Avenge Trident Steel were fruitless before, during and after court proceedings and as it is we were unable to get to the other side of the story.

By Olagunju Taiwo and Thembela Augustine Madulube.
Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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