Friday, 12 June 2015

Hard work pays!

Tiger Woods in a gym.
What does it take to be great in life? What does it take to be successful? Or what does it take to be an achiever? I often ask myself.
             I looked into many people in life that I have have and attained enviable positions in and gasped. I don't want to mention names because there're many great people in life. There also many successful people around and till tomorrow people would still be achievers in all walks of life.
            During my recent research through the internet I found out that great people, successful people or achievers are not just what they are today because they wanted to be there. They put in a whole lots of efforts to be there. They also passed through vicissitudes of life that pave the way for them to be able to stand the test that would bring them to where they are as leaders.
             Serena Williams, the world most successful female tennis player; who recently won her 20th major grand slam title, did not come to attain the enviable height by hooks and crooks instead she puts her nose to the grindstone against all odds to be there.
            The picture above shows Tiger Woods, a US Professional Golfer; who as of today is proud of 14th major master laurels to his name; works out in a Nike gym sweating it out to be the best.
            "May be you wonder why I don't hang around the streets much, I am doing my 16 hours on a personal computer to keep up with my goals as done in the past; the famous richest man on earth Bill Gates."
           Are you a student burning the candle whenever there's power failure in Braamfontein ? All I have to say is you can't get first class on graduation day if you are always playing around with your valuable time.
Don't let them fool you!You can achieve anything in life if you set up your daily goal(s), a solid plan,work towards it bit-by-bit on daily basis and the rest will be success. It takes you to stop yourself!

                                       Hard work pays, keep it real and never look back!

Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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