Thursday, 4 June 2015

Things are possible: What’s your dream?!

Like a bullet from a sniper’s gun.

2013 happened!
Found myself in the suburbs of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit ready for my second year with the hope that life would be smooth sailing on wards but little did I know that God had a very different plan from what I have anticipated.
I’ve always pictured myself stuck with the Swati culture as I was already getting familiar with the language even though I sounded funny speaking it; I even thought I’d end up working around there in a small company as an I.T. guy.
Probably in a nice flat with my dad’s old blue Toyota tazz parked in the garage, living the life of a young working man but because life took its cause everything went astray. Finance didn’t allow me to stay in Nelspruit anymore.
Before I went back home I stayed in a very beautiful flat not far from the college I attended. It was very different from the house I stayed in before.  I fell in love with the atmosphere, the busy life and the working class lifestyle. Sadly I couldn’t stay any longer to learn and grow from that instead I spent my last days in Nelspruit smoking my lungs out, playing music day and night to ease the stress.
March came finally, Burgersfort, my home town was very silent at that time all my friends had gone back to varsity. Home has never been so hot and quiet. It was a very long and dry 6months before life picked up again.  As much as I felt defeated throughout that space and time the only thing that kept me alive was when I recorded my very first song “Get Tipsy”. How that came about only God knows.
In December that year I performed my song for the very first time at a Hip Hop event. I swear things changed for the better after that. I stepped in a new world that made me realise that anything is possible. I finally went back to college to continue with my studies in Johannesburg, the city that is currently revealing what God has planned for me.  I believe I’m yet to find Gold.
Johannesburg, everybody comes here. “This city is cold”, “you have to watch your back”, “because it’s fucked-up”, and “you need to get out...damn”, “it’s a learning curve” and “you have to stay behind if you really want the gold.” These words are not mine alone; six Jo’burgers expressed how the city operates.
Whatever your situation is right now all things are possible. It may be cold or hot you need to believe in yourself and hang on. God is actually working things out for only those who wait, trust, obey and follow the path He wants them to walk.
Don’t give up just now and right before you get to the falling edge; there’s a hand saving you from that impending fall to hopelessness, loneliness, homelessness, hunger, bankruptcy, debt, career failure, business set-backs, divorce, sickness and diseases, and all other nemesis like death.

Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.
By Percy Napo & Olagunju, Success Taiwo. 

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