Thursday, 18 June 2015

Waiting on moments!

Myriads are the needs of men everyday and countless are their expectations. Sometimes life can knock one down and for one to get up one needs a divine help from the Lord.
     The Psalmist, David; said in his song that "my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth!" Help from a man is not reliable but help from the Lord, though, it might not happen in a flash, but is certain.
Who do you believe? Who do you run to in time of trouble? When it seems the whole world is coming down on you, who do you ask for succour? When the enemies want to have your flesh for dinner, who do you call?
      Life of a man is full of trials and tribulations for a grand prize of glory and to get there we have to strive and fight series of battles, sometimes with ourselves, relatives, friends, society, abstract enemies like; fear, guilt,pessimists and so on.
David, as a chosen and anointed servant of God had to wait for seven years for him to play the role God has called him for. He had to take care of some certain things that may derail him. He had to wait for God to deliver all his enemies unto his hands and during this moment of wait, he fought until his victory comes.
     What am I saying? What have you been praying for? For how long have you made your requests known to God and it seems there's no answer?God answer for your prayers, requests and supplication is in your moment of waiting!
"Waiting teaches that our victory comes from the Lord", says "Elder Marcus"; the spiritual leader of Cornerstone Church, Bedfordview. In a statement he made whiling sharing the word of God from the book of Psalms 62:1-end, in a church gathering today at Cornerstone Church, Uptown-Braamfontein. Marcus, who marks his 60th birthday today stated that "the job of church leaders is to make people dependent on God and not on the leaders."
       Though, the promises of God might tarry but it worth waiting for and as children of God; all that's necessary is to focus, have a routine, develop a rhythm, gather momentum and persevere till our good is better and our better best through waiting in different moments on God.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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Remain blessed in the Lord!

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