Monday, 26 October 2015

"Fee Must Fall": Virtual reports.

These pictures are self-explanatory how the jointed efforts of universities' students across our nation stood the ground and brought the rainbow nation to almost a stand-still to demand for 0% rise in fees.

Thanks goodness the dust has fallen with the struggle as Lisa Ndlovu, a law student of WITS in Braamfontein decided to share her photographic-memories with Braamfontein Alive.

A struggle that started right from inside campus and spread outside and gradually took over the peaceful streets of Braamfontein to the administrative offices of the ANC Headquarters( Luthuli's House) in Johannesburg-C.B.D.

The dust continue to rise high until it reaches the cradle of power of South Africa, The Union Building. Yes, the higher the dust, the higher the hues and cries of devoted comrades who filed out in numbers to ensure that their protests, struggles, sleepless nights, hunger streak, tears-gas- scares, pepper-sprays, bomb-scares; not to end up in vain.

0% rise is the final verdict coming from the parliament and the dust falls down like dried leaves in winter that floods every nook and cranny of our streets. Though, the noises and disorderliness have gone to wherever they come from but the dust for sure is blocking the view of what the future holds for many students who are still grumbling that they want the current fees to go down and not forgetting the dried up leaves that filled up our streets; the after-maths of these struggles which are determinate of what the outside world thinks of this nation and the government.

The struggle was a shocker; many thought it was going to be a new version of 1976 only to be nipped in the bud by the decision of the current leadership.

Obviously the leadership of ANC in this country has the interest of tomorrow's leaders in heart. An evidence they displayed well enough to bring calmness into the whole matter.

As things are now, they better be left the way it is, as many students are about to start exams or have started as at the time of filing this report.

At some points I asked myself, I paused and wondered; where, thou the victory celebrations?

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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