Friday, 30 October 2015

"Fees Must Fall":Identify yourself in the struggle!

 The struggle may be far gone but the memory lingers on as Thembela Austin Madulube, a journalism student at Rosebank College and Lisa Ndlovu, a law-student at WITS University in Braamfontein captured the ups and downs of the struggle that almost redefine our country.

Let's stand up together. Let's join our hand together.Let's join efforts together as one people, one nation, one continent of Africa and reject any forms of corruptions, nepotism, marxism, social injustices, inequality, mismanagement of public funds, crime, fears of all kinds, and so forth in our land.

Injustice for all is for all. Just like these students stood tall for a common goal, we can achieve more together.

Faith in one another is all we need. Let's show concern for those that would come after us and prepare a conducive environment for them to say one day: "Their living was not in vain!"

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