Friday, 2 October 2015

Meet the new graduates of PRASA.

(Joe hands out a certificate to one of the graduates).
(A group-photograph of entrepreneurs).
Whatever that has a beginning surely must have an end. The four-day intensive training on recycling for young entrepreneurs in Braamfontein has finally come to an end with a befitting celebration for the new graduates.

In a closing remark by one of the graduates; "the training is an eye-opener for me and I am ready to implement it in my small-scale recycling business. Though, the road may not seem rosy but with the knowledge I grabbed from the workshop I should be able to cope through thick and thin."
The picture above describes how excited these people are as they eventually get the fruit of their labour of a certified document each as a proof of enrollment for the workshop.

In an interview with the workshop facilitator, Mr. Joe Peu who has been impacting great knowledge through PRASA to over 200 entrepreneurs since he joined  the association in 2013. "I derive great joy and passion about young people who want to be independent not relying on the government to do something for them."

He admonishes the rainbow nation citizens that "they should stop complaining and relying wholly on the government but to do something positive that would make South Africa to succeed and the economy to grow again."

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