Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Open Mic Night in Pictures.

(Our MC of the night)
(Munene & Rozary)
In case you missed the Open Mic Night at Cornerstone Church, Uptown; now you can fill in the gaps.

It was a wonderful experience for all attendees and Braamfontein Alive was there to make it a remarkable memory for the performers, the organizers and the outside world.

Great talents were on ground.Beautful voices were on displayed. A lot of rappers and poets also.
(Guy showcasing)

Not forgetting Hahim, who parks car on the street of Braamfontein; came in and blow our minds away with a beautiful performance on guitar.
(Hahim, displaying)

Bongz with joke and the other Bongz on poet.

Amazing MILELO did their first ever public performance and the rest is
(Nozipho doing her poem)
the beginning of a bright future ahead and it was a wondeful experience and many thanks to the organizer and our Pastor Phil Quinn who DJ for the night.
(Two rappers.)
Many thanks to people who came through and thanks for loving the community we all love.

From Olagunju, out where next you will spot these newly discovered talents in the future and God bless.
(Taiwo with Hahim after a beautiful performance on guitar)

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