Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Open Mic Night: MILELO's performance.

The journey of a thousand year begins with a step as MILELO started their music career in the presence of God at a church talents show-case organized by Cornerstone Church, Uptown.

According to one of the organizers of the show-case, Mrs. Kelly Chennells, stated that Open Mic Night is for us to identify the young and youthful talents among us within our church community.

MILELO was discovered one night in June/July of 2015 by Olagunju, Taiwo in-front of their flats singing Ave Marie and a discussion with these angels of hope sparked possibilities of their talents seeing the dawn of tomorrow.

MILELO, obviously with time will grow and go every nook and cranny of this world bringing smiles, hope, happiness and fulfillment to their fans across the world. These talents are raw and need to be tapped and resourced into something outstanding.

MILELO are looking for opportunities in singing Xmas songs at your corporate events, perform their songs at your events.

For bookings, call:

Yankee: +2774 707 5793.

Watch MILELO on Youtube: MILELO

By Olagunju, Taiwo.

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