Wednesday, 9 December 2015

We're on the next level with Heineken, what about you?

(OST with Prince)
Heineken Open Next Level is currently going on on De Beer Street in Braamfontein and we decided to pay a visit to give you an up-close update about the event that would run from 1st -12th December, 2015.

(OST with Prince in a cross section)
The atmosphere is electric as we joined with the rest of the people gracing the occasion in a cross-section of  introduction,brain-storming, sharing ideas, innovations, meeting big dogs in all kinds of disciplines from art to entrepreneurship; just to mention a few.

The Heineken Open Next Level is all about introducing a mobile kind of bar that runs on the street and using the platform to launch the New Heineken 330ml Cool Can.

Fill in the gaps through our pictures and come through to have fun!
(A view of the atmosphere)
(Slasbta with a model)
(OST with another visitor.)

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