Friday, 15 January 2016

Cornerstone Church Uptown: The Church In The City.

Marcus Herbert.(Youtube)
"You can break your new year resolutions but God will not break his...."

These are the words of Elder Marcus Herbert, the spiritual leader of Cornerstone Church. He said this while sharing the word of life with members of Cornerstone church, Uptown (Braamfontein), yesterday.

Preaching from the book of Mathew 4:18-24; he highlighted the three important keys of christian discipleship; which are: Follow Jesus, When we follow Jesus: He will make us and Making us to be Him (Fishers of men).

In another statement of the spiritual leader;  "christianity is about relationship with the love of God and religion is mere practices and when we loose the love we no longer represent the church of God."

In his closing remarks he said "God is committed to making us even we delve away from his plan!" He also reminds the congregants that "God cannot make you when you are not integrated into a local church."

In the order of the programme, Elder Phil Quinn; the presiding Pastor of Cornerstone Church, Uptown, used the opportunity to convey to the rest of the church a change in the order of programme for 2016.

Below are the important changes to take note:

1. Every Wednesday:(Bible study and prayer meeting): 6pm.

2. Every Thursday (Normal Church service): 7pm.

3. Every Sunday (Home group meeting):Contact your home group leader(s) for more information about rendezvous and time.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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