Monday, 4 January 2016

Have you done your new year resolution?

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Is a fresh start and we are all eager to get things done.Most especially things we didn't get done the past year.

2016, is a new beginning for all of us. The way we start is as important as the way we end it. We do have a whole lot of expectations, accomplishments, goals, desires, tasks to fulfill, plans to work towards and most especially things we want to change for the betterment of our life.
For some is a new beginning for those that just left high school and are eager for a higher education in colleges and universities far or near. They are eager of a new lifestyle they have no experienced before.They look so naive and scared especially if they have to secure admission in a school far away from home and settling down in a new environment is a great deal.

Another task is choosing your course subjects, finding your way around school, locating the library, lecture rooms, even making new friends is an up-hill task. Finding a perfect and conducive accommodation for yourself can be daunting if your colleges or universities cannot cover a place for you.

I know this feeling as I often witness every year when newly admitted students come to colleges and universities in Braamfontein. A community filled with a lot more of vibrant first-year students, professionals of all levels and the rest of us from another parts of the world.

Life is pretty cool here and safe in Braamfontein and remember people would respect you when you can still pay your bills and attend school classes otherwise you will end up like those girls and boys hanging around bars, taverns and clubs in the hood.

Therefore, as you come into our community, you might want to draw up a plan to help you fulfill your goals, tasks, or targets for each year as they come by. The good thing about a resolution is to safe-guild and help you achieve what you came into Johannesburg for.

For example, if you aim of coming to Johannesburg is for education, you might have to draw up a concrete plan on how to finish the study you came for as there are lots of temptations for young and naive students who are experiencing the notorious city of gold for the first time.

You might have to be careful of friends who pretended to be students but they wake up in the morning dressing like they are attending lectures. They will definitely tell you stories about the hood and how they can make you popular of whatever trade they are into! So my best advice is for you to smart up! They do have students cards with them but they are college drop-outs looking for companions in the new year.

Many close friends wonder how I manage to survive the sharp curves of Egoli until I disclosed my new year resolutions over the past four years on Facebook, you can have a look at:

You need a resolution and a solid plan to finish this year well and that is why I took it upon myself to tell you that drawing a resolution and a plan is not enough but sticking to it is a great deal. You might also want to stay close to God by submitting your new year goals, plans and targets and joining a new church in our community is the next thing you should do.

If you need a place to grow spiritually remember Cornerstone Church, Uptown; got your back. The church is located at: 4, De Beer Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

I hope to meet you at the top where the game is tight and nice.Happy New Year and don't settle for less!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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