Saturday, 9 January 2016

What are we waiting for?:Let's get it started!

Day after day, things are changing and time wait for nobody. Though, no need to be in a worry but you can't wait until the party is over.

          Why am  I saying this?What worth doing is worth doing on time.When I remember that I knew life waits for nobody or ask for your opinion or permission to move on. As life goes on people move with it.One day we were born and one day we will all leave and whatever we do we surely dog our foot step.

          Just like yesterday; we shouted "Happy New Year" and you know the date today! What am I saying? In this year we can only get things done if we "just do it" like Nike's common slogan.We cannot continue to procrastinate things. Let's do less of talking this year and more of action.

          The way you lay your bed is the same way you lie on it.Life is no freebies; thank you. My concern is all about how to get things done and be celebrated at the end.Success doesn't come knocking only if you want it. Your approach to things last year may not yield results this year and that's why you may have to change your approach this.

           For example, looking at our economy forecast this year is somewhat alarming and different to how we started last year. They say things may get worse and we need to work harder in 2016. I quite see that the year may be challenging for those who cannot stand up and do it! If you have been waiting for things to happen in the time past then you might want to amend your approach.

Prices of essential commodities might go up, life may be tougher, many people may loose jobs and remember many new babies would be born to refill the missing the ones. What am I saying? We should all hope for the best and expect the worse. From all corners of our planet; things are changing and we ought to change along to survive.

            What's that thing you are waiting for? Is time to get up and just do it I say. Don't wait; you can if you work as a waiter in a restaurant or something. You can, if you are waiting to catch a buss on the streets of Jozi but I tell you is a wrong approach in Lagos. Please don't apply this common saying that "good things come to those who wait" but I say "they arrive earlier to those who go for it!" Make sure your approach this year is right for your goals or targets so that your new year resolutions will not be in vain.

            You might also want to change job for your goals and expectations to come through or change course as a student, try out new business as an entrepreneur, have a new lifestyle, date someone new in a relationship, pay off your loans, drop your credit cards, work on your social habits or whatever it is like an old cabbage that you need get rid off; just do it!

Stop the thinking but do it as you think. That approach may work just best for you.I am not saying you should not spend time researching, planning, arranging, processing, analysing but you know if you have not stepped on your accelerator you are still on the same spot.Your vision might be to get to the other side of a river but your mission is to get into a boat and if the boat is not on the river, then getting to the other side is like a mirage!
            Let me leave you with this, I love to do more in this year and in that quest I must be opened to more opportunities. They say "opportunities never knocks twice but always remember the door bell!" If you are thinking like me and you see that you have missed an opportunity before don't kill yourself just try, try and try again until the door opens for you.

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