Saturday, 27 February 2016


The last time i had a dream, i died in the dream and went to heaven. I met with an angel who i begged for another chance. He agreed to send me back to the earth but on the condition that i will come back as a female chicken. I had no option than to agree, so i was sent back to earth from heaven.

When i came back as a female chicken, i met a male cock who got me pregnant. After months of my pregnancy, time to deliver came. I hatched the first egg, followed by the second, third and fourth. While i was trying to hatch the fifth egg, I heard a sounding slap on my face. I woke up immediately from my dream and saw my friend standing by my bedside, he looked at me and said "Mumu! you don sh*t for bed oo"

Enjoy Weekend Braamies.

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