Sunday, 21 February 2016

Motivation Corner: "No condition is permanent."

In 1988, at about 28 years ago, Auma Obama picked her brother, Barack from the Airport in Kenya when he traveled home to visit his paternal family. She drove him home in her "old Volkswagen" car. They went home together, and he happily slept in her room on a "tight camp bed". That was what she had then, and she happily shared all she had with her brother. She did not mind that he probably came from America with nothing.

In 2015, at about 27 years after his first visit to Kenya, Barack returned for a second visit. He arrived at the same Airport, and his sister was there again to meet him. This time around, he lifted her in the most technologically sophisticated car in the world known as the BEAST. He arrived home this time, not as the ordinary Barack who had to hang around the airport for about 4 hours waiting for his sister, but as an American President, the most powerful, most influential and most important political figure in the world.

What an irony of life.

Never ever underestimate, downplay, overlook or dismiss any human being. Treat people with love, respect and dignity. Do not mind whether they have today or not. You never know what they might become tomorrow.

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