Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Copyright:John De Kanter.
Alarm doesn't work for me no more and 24 hours is over exaggerated!

Only my passion wakes me up as I live on another planet where time does keep me on or off!

My ugly past experiences juggling jobs in bustling cities of Ibadan and Johannesburg made me turned my white-collar down.

Working 15 hours straight shift, Monday to Sunday; in a five star hotel/restaurant in Sandton City or my peanut salary as the best baker in a one-time big fast-food restaurant in Ibadan/Osogbo.

Today, I still work late hours and sometimes I don't even hit my bed but the only different is I work for myself!

Though, I still make stipend like old good days but the satisfaction within me worths much more!

I am Olagunju, Taiwo. I am an entrepreneur with attitude!

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