Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dear Bumblebee,

She rubbed her bulging tummy. The Chinese prediction calender said it is a female. She had wished not, banking on its ten percent inaccuracy, but the ultrasound scan dashed what was left of her hope. With the challenges faced by the female gender, she wondered how she would raise her.

Abeke stared outside the window of her office that overlooked the busy streets of Lagos, and her eyes caught sight of the maize seller shouting the praise of her merchandise- ‘ban gbe jina o!‘ A woman like her, a woman she wants Bumblebee to one day become- strong, determined and dauntless.

She then knew what to tell Bumblebee.

Dear Bumblebee,

A woman is more than the stilettoes and suits, defined by more than bosom and buttocks. A woman is one that defies all odds, an embodiment of unexplainable strength. You may not have heard of Queen Amina of Zaria or the feared N’nonminton of Benin republic, but they were women of valour. Yes, you read right, women of valour. So  your gender is no restriction, excuse or mistake.

There is no need for the extremism of feminism or the display of your treasures for you to hold sway, as is the norm these days.

You, as a woman, are not defined by your wealth or lack of it. But like the maize seller down the street, you are defined by the tenacity of hope, the willingness to love, the wisdom to be firm, the patience to nurture, and the grace to groom.

A woman is a goddess that serves to make the world better and not bitter, only when she knows her worth- priceless!

And the guys? They are who we mould them into, as mothers and sisters. We are that powerful!

Always remember that you are in no competition with anyone (male or female) because you are unique.

Until you arrive, I pray for  a world where gender has no affiliation to or discrimination based on abilities and opportunities, though I know it is impossible.

I love you still, female and all.

Your mom,


‘Ban gbe jina o!’

Author: Oamhen Hope Blessing.

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