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Meet Dominique Pavely: People in my community.

(Dominique at work)
She is a student in our community. She expresses her artistic prowess through colour and black coal. She is very passionate about nature, people and her faith in God as her source of inspiration and motivation.

Her strong character keeps her through thick and thin.Meet Dominique Pavely, another positive minded person adding values to Braamfontein.

Below is our discussion as she spares us some time out of her busy daily schedule:

Q. Can you tell me about yourself?

(Happy day)
A. Okay…hmmn…My name is Dominique. I love jelly fish. I'm obsessed with stars and planet and currently learning sign language.

Q. Can you also tell me about your background?

A. I grew up with two different families and I became very familiar with the idea of loss and sickness. It opened my eyes to a lot of things going on around me that I didn't know before.

Q. What are you passionate about?

(Dominique portraying herself)
A. I'm passionate about fine art and astronomy.

Q. Why fine art?

A. Is the best way to speak about the loss that I've gone through and a lot of time is the only way I actually understand.
(Putting my pencil to work)

Q. Do you have an educational background in fine art?

A. Yea, I studied fine art in high school and right now I’m studying to get my national diploma in art.

Q. At which institution?

A. At university of Johannesburg.

Q. So far so good; how is it?
(I love nature)

A. At first, it was so overwhelming because I'm doing my first year because they give so many assignments but I've been working hard and now I'm enjoying it.

Q. What’s your plan for the future?

A. I want to be a professional fine artist and open a gallery one day!

Q. Do you have a role-model?

(Art is my passion)
A. Elyssa Monks.

Q. Why?

A. She combines favourite art movements into one which I thought was impossible.

Q. Can you elaborate on that please?

A. Impressionism, Fauvism and Hyper-realism.

Q. Can you break them down?

A. Fauvism is all about using very bright random colours. It uses a lot of complementary colours. 

Impressionism is all about capturing a single movement in time. It’s very happy and care free but it’s interesting because they don’t blend them together. They apply the paints straight from the tube and your eyes mix it.

And Hyper-realism, that is when you paint something to look exactly like a photograph.

Q. What’s your favourite way of expressing your artistic view?

A. I like painting in water colour and using pencil over it.

Q. Where can people see your work?

A. They can view it physically at Uptown, Cornerstone Church in Braamfontein and on social media at: 



Q. If people want to purchase your art works, how can they reach you?

A. They can inbox me via Facebook or contact me at:

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A. Like I said earlier, I'm very interested in people and what they are going through.

Q. What do you mean when you say loss?

A. I lost my guardian mother to cancer and I experienced my guardian father through the process of decaying as a result of Alzheimer.

Q. What lesson do you learn through the process?

A. I learnt that the process of the disease and how it affects the person. I also learnt that the experience is not as bad as it seems. Many times I thought it couldn't get worse but it did but you get stronger and actually learn to adapt to it. It shows that you really need to appreciate and cherish every step of the way as every moment is so beautiful.

Q. Do you miss them sometimes?

A. All the time. I lost my dad in December. They have a lot of impacts in my life. They told me hoe people need to love each other.

Q. Are you the only child of your family or do you have other siblings?

A. I have an older brother.

Q. How will you impact people in the future in terms of your career and experience?

A. You have to prioritize and work hard. Don’t forget to be inspired.

Q. Is it correct to say God is your inspiration because of your faith in Him?

A. Most definitely, I love God.

Q. Anything you want to use to encourage people out there?

A. Be persistent, keep being inspired and don’t allow yourself to loose motivation and challenge yourself. I mean push yourself to get it done.

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A. Married and hopefully finished my honour degree.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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