Wednesday, 27 April 2016

DREAM TEAM AFRICA……Where Africans Worship like Africans.


We are young music Ministers who are “on a Mission with a vision” we have the mandate of creating an enabling environment for African Youths as a whole and Nigeria in particular, impacting their lives positively towards a greater nation, brighter future and reshaping African Youths to be a blessing to generations and generations to come.

We are pre-occupied with the thirst and the need to build an altar of worship where a living sacrifice of worship can be offered by every Christian individual unto the true God of Africa, Via our percussions, language, style, culture, custom and tradition of which the devil has blinded many to believe that African identity is an object of evil.


To create consciousness, build individuals and altars of worship where Africans can offer a living sacrifice to fulfill God’s desire in their true identity as Africans.


To organize worship conferences and praise, seminars for praise leaders on the technicalities of worship, build a platform where Africans can meet with the source of their existence, join forces and combine resources with other Christian organizations of the world to fulfill God’s thirst for people to worship Him in truth and in the spirit.


Every branch has a tree, every tree has a trunk, every trunk has a root, every root has a life, and every life has a source. Every African has a tribe, every history has “ijinle”, every ijinle is God. If the source of the African race is God, God is the origin of the African people.

Ijinle megapraise experience is once in a year gathering of the people of Africa, in one place, with one heart and one purpose; celebration of African existence via Music, Poetry, Dance, Percussions and Drama unto the true God of Africa in the African way.

The first edition was staged in the year 2009 and was proudly supported by: THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD (Ekiti state province 1 H/Q), MTN Nigeria, MCTEE INVESTMENT, C-SOKA NIG.LTD, NTA Ado Ekiti & Kafe Kitchen, SEAP ILORIN, KWARA STATE.


The team is practically incapacitated from achieving all our objectives by being deficient in key resources like finance, media coverage, state-of-art musical equipments, and technical materials e.t.c

Consequently, we hereby use this medium to solicit for your financial support/assistance towards our forth-coming Annual ijinle mega praise experience this year.

Organization’s benefit/Profitability in Sponsorship of our Annual ijinle mega praise experience (i-me) concert.

• Awareness creation of available products and services.

• Showcasing of available products and services.

• Public enlightenment about the institute.

• High turn-up of customers.

• Boost of organization’s image within the state.

• An initiative edge over competitors.


We pray that your immediate attention and response be given to this proposal God bless you.

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