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Rough patched road to success: Mike Shamba.

The moment we have all been waiting for finally arrives. Braamfontein Alive invited Mike Shamba over to share his success story.

The founder of The Motivational Club took some time out of his busy schedule to reveal to us that his road to success comes with some rough patches.

Below are our discussions:

Q. Can you introduce yourself?

A. I am Mike Shamba. I was born in Congo on 13th May, 1991. I moved to South Africa at the age of 13 and studied at Jules high school. The high school is regarded as one of the most corrupted schools in the country.

I later furthered into Mechanical Engineering at Vaal University of Technology but I always have a passion for entrepreneurship. The reason behind my entrepreneurship passion is to challenge young Africans to have different and better perspectives of life and education.

Hence, I started my motivational speaking engagement to attain the goals of challenging young people in Africa. My encounter in the African context is we were being challenged on what to think and not how to think. Basically, that’s my main reason of becoming an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.

Q. Growing up in South Africa, what does it add to you?

A. It was not an easy ride! My younger brother and I grew up under the tutelage of our single parent-mum. I noticed how she struggled to make ends meet, putting food on the table and sending us through schools. She really sacrificed a lot for us to a point of selling on the streets.

Q. The whole growing process in South Africa, how does it add to you positive or negatively?

A. I didn't let the situation to get to me because I looked at life through positive angle because of the pains my mum went through. I decided to work hard and build my own life by taking responsibilities and not allowing myself to be a victim of the circumstances. Therefore, it’s no excuse for failure.

Q. What brought about your current pursue?

A. Purpose brings everything. At a point in my life I asked myself what I'm here to do on earth. Is like people are living in a cycle to me. I asked myself what’s my reason in life or is there any different. So I studied hard about myself and tried to find out what is it I was brought into this life for. Eventually, I found myself.

My books, my company and me as a motivational speaker made me to realise that I have a role to play.

Q. What’s the idea behind The Motivational Club?

A.  It first came as a tool of transplanting what I'm doing in South Africa to Congo. Basically, the vision is to introduce an element of independency in people’s thinking in Africa by challenging young people in expressing what’s going on in their life, country and helping them to maximize their potentials.

The Motivational Club is providing our platforms to make people to live their dreams. We are also creating platforms for established entrepreneurs to showcase their products, services, skill while sticking to our main core vision of encouraging young people in Africa to tap into their potentials to be whatever they want to be.

Q. When was your company established?

A. It was in 2013 but started full operations in June, 2015.

Q. How is it going so far?

A. I can say we have been successful in terms of achieving our goals. We have fulfilled our targets of hosting events and inviting highly qualified motivational speakers, authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, managers and chairperson f big organisations and publishing of two books under The Motivational Club.

Q. How can communities get involve?

A.  All right. As I said earlier, we host different kinds of events monthly. And we use it to encourage people with businesses, skills, and talents to contact us where they could interact with people so that they can be of benefit in different capacities.

Also, we are starting with a new project whereby we will distribute our books to youth organisations through partnership with NGOs. If there’s a youth organisation in any communities that wants us to distribute free books to them we will do just that prior receiving their invitation.

Q. Do you have any project(s) that might interest our local government?

A. At this stage, in terms of local government; is through our secondary schools by getting across reading materials into libraries. The Motivational Club want to introduce variety of books into schools’ libraries by challenging them to read and enhance their thinking capacity. This would build their imagination. We want to focus much more with secondary school via department of education.

Q. When will this project start?

A. We are looking forward into 2017. We want to be prepared so that the opportunity can reach our target.

Q. How can your organisation help publish manuscripts of upcoming authors?

A. We have a team that helps authors to edit, proof-read, publish and help get their books sold through a network of different book stores across the country. We will also create awareness and promote their books through our monthly events and enjoy the opportunity of reviewing their books.

Q. In terms of expansion, what other areas are you looking into?

A. We want to be in different provinces in South Africa.

Q. Is your company ready for the future expansion?

A. We are open to partnership and investment opportunity with organisations, companies, individuals who want to play a role or the other.

Q. What’s the procedure for a speaker to take in your event(s)?

A. We always check the speaker’s profile to see if it is what we are looking for and we always want to build a relationship with all of our speakers after the event(s).

Q. Who motivated you as a person to get you to what you are doing today?

A. It’s God. Secondly is when I looked at my background and other African youths and I realised we are not maximizing our potentials. I decided to promote African excellence. Come to think of it, for how long are we going to invite Lesley Brown when we have a bunch of highly-talented African speakers who can deliver like him?

We need to build our African talents to build our people. Nicki Minaj was in Durban to perform and a whole lot of money was splashed on bringing her. The question is “how can we develop if we neglect our own talents?”

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years as the CEO of The Motivational Club?

A. I see myself handling over the company to somebody who will continue with the legacy while I see myself being an adviser to government official(s).

For more information about Mike Shamba please use the information below to reach out to him:

Email: or

Cellphone: 079 079 2169 and 061 847 1594.


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