Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Africa Day: Historical photo from the Horn of Africa.

A White Ethiopian, as it was called - Eugene Vsevolodovicha Senigova. He graduated from the St. Petersburg School and the Moscow cavalry military school. He served in the Fergana region in the Turkestan line battalion with the rank of lieutenant. In 1898 Senigov, enticed by colorful stories about Abyssinia famous St. Petersburg traveler stories went to Ethiopia, but stayed there. He himself wrote the reason 'it was a political emigration, although not subjected to political persecution in Russia, not detained by the police, was not detained or on trial' Among living in the capital of the Abyssinian Europeans Evgeny Gromov was known as a socialist.

Some time Senigov as senior Babichev spent on expeditions. Then, if the same scenario was presented in the court of the Emperor Menelik, he married an Ethiopian Girl. He commanded a large force in one of the major provincial warlords - Wolde Georgis race - and even he managed the province. Then he started a farm in Western Ethiopia at Baro River.

By Biniam Hirut.

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