Saturday, 14 May 2016


A man came to God crying, he said his cross was too big and he wanted God to change it. Then God said to him he can drop his cross then pick up any cross of his choice. The first cross he saw was so big that he couldn't see the top, he moved away forbidding it.

The second he saw was bigger than the first, he couldn't believe his eyes, how big a cross can be. He saw ten they were all bigger than the cross he came with, suddenly at the far end of the church he saw a smaller one he ran to it and grabbed it with gladness.

He went to God with it telling God he has found a new cross then God said are you going back with the cross you came with? Then the man realized his cross was smaller to be compared to other peoples cross.


1. Learn how to be grateful to God, no matter how bad it is with you, you are batter than many.

2. Don't wish to be like others who look so flashy, you might not be able to survive their hidden troubles

3. Spend much time thanking God than asking from God, He didn't create you without a plan

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