Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Sometimes doing things better means doing things differently than they've been done before. The truth is if you can create a product that will do a much better job more quickly and more efficiently, even if it costs more, people will buy it!

Find a need, and fill it! If you want people to spend their hard earned cash, you better provide them with good product! If you speak for a living, find better and more efficient approach to reach your audience. You sing? There's a very big room for improvement! Break the status quo, go against the norm!
Adetona Oluwagbemileke.
There's always a better way to do it differently! Don't be caught in the web of being regular, you are SPECTACULAR! Think Spectacular! You've heard it being said that we should "think outside the box", but I am telling you this morning to THINK LIKE THERE'S NO BOX! BreakOut!

Your season is now! God is working it out in your favor!

Adetona Oluwagbemileke | 5EE74B7C | @iambishoplakes | +2347037847916 | @mplakes | 17th May, 2016.

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