Friday, 13 May 2016

“CHANGE comes with a cost.” People in my community.

Nigeria has let petrol (crude oil) control our economy. I am not blaming anyone but I will blame all of us if we do not do something to run a successful economy that doesn't depend on petrol (crude oil).

Petrol (crude oil) will always go up and down as long as we wholly depend on it. You may say you're talking like this, Taiwo because you are not in Nigeria. Hear me out: "whatever you let control you will always enslave you."

Nigerians should think of ways of breaking from the shackles of crude oil that made us to neglect other mineral resources. Remember, petrol is volatile and basically we are running a volatile economy that can vanish in no time.

Remember I said it before and I will say it again, it will get worse to get better in Nigeria. Most especially in this dispensation of our "CHANGE" government.

I noticed many Nigerians' complaints and I cannot turn a deaf ear to it and honestly speaking I feel their pains. Buhari and his team are working hard. “I will rather drive into a gas station and buy and go for #145 than fighting for days to buy for less.” Why? Time lost in getting petrol cannot be replaced and whatever we do in time will make us more resourceful and resultants as citizens of Nigeria.

When the time comes and it will come, then you will understand that our good leader (Buhari) means well for motherland as he works hand-in-hand- with the so called “bad followers and corrupt subordinates in offices of our government”; as dubbed by the majority of our people. This explains why David Cameron calls us "fantastically corrupt" -a saint among a thousand sinners; what can he achieve?

But we can beat those who are against us to the game. If Buhari is for common people like you and me then let’s team up with him against the bad followers and corrupt subordinates in our government that were voted into offices by crooks and hooks. We can out-number them and check-mate their moves only if we join the positive CHANGE movement regardless of which political parties you belong. Political parties are only relevant during election period and once is over we face the common goal squarely! Our common goal is to uplift Nigeria together and ensure that we get to the promise land.

We must learn from Moses’ leadership in the bible as he shepherds the Israelites out of Egypt into the wilderness until they were faced with hardship along the way and complained bitterly in remembrance of good food they eat as slaves. You can study the book of Exodus for more insight.

One thing; APC preached-CHANGE did not include in their manifestos is “CHANGE comes with a cost.” The reality of the cost is what we are currently facing in Nigeria. As loyal citizens we must trust our leaders, believe in his team members, pray to God and work harder for CHANGE to be evident in all walks of life in Nigeria.

Trust me my people, I will not continue to live in South Africa until CHANGE is evident in Nigeria; I want to be part of it and work to achieve it together.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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