Thursday, 19 May 2016

CORRUPTION BY BUHARI: People in my community.

And the budget underwent further padding.

Now this is the real reason why they flooded the cyberspace with news of a rescued Chibok girl

"The budget for the Presidency went up from 39,124,978,811 in the first draft sent to the NA to 44,680,477,626 in the signed budget."

"There was no Defence Space Agency in the first budget sent to NASS, but now we have one with a 1,958,416,693 budget."

"Salary budget for the Defence Missions went up from 4,989,893,295 to 5,775,415,084."

"Recurrent Expenditure for the Defence Intelligence Agency went up from 6,371,281,407 to 9,028,688,001."

"Maintenance Services - General for the DIA went up from 58,807,703 to 98,829,140. Please who is the Director of the DIA?"

"Material & Supplies - General for the DIA went from 25,868,836 to 46,473,809."

"Electricity Charges for the DIA went up from 55,431,646 to 93,155,516."

"The Defence Intelligence Agency Salary budget went from 5,590,129,453 in the first budget to 6,875,651,242 in the signed budget."

"the EFCC increased their budget for Purchase of Office Buildings from 2,550,003,881 to 7,912,502,911."

What do you think is happening ?

And remember Lie Mohammed told you yesterday on camera that Nigeria is Broke!!!

By Malik Shabbazz Abdulmalik.

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