Saturday, 21 May 2016

Dirty Games: Dirty Feeling: People in my community.

I think some people are naturally born heartless! Honestly, why would a person enter someone else life and make them catch feelings for them, make them believe that they are different from the rest, and that they are to stay with them forever, then they develop love for them, they trust them with their fragile hearts, they be so happy and proud of them, they introduce them in their friends and family members, they open doors that no one has ever opened in their lives, they rely and count on them, they bear all their weaknesses, they lose their friends because they want to keep them, they get abused and called ugly names, they face every storm with them, they sacrifice everything of theirs for them, they do things that they have never done for anyone else, and lastly but not the least they give them their precious bodies.

Then a day comes and they decide to change either because of a misunderstanding that can be solved, a rumor that they heard which has no proof, or because they found someone new who seems to have it all. They forget everything they passed through with them, the good love and happy moments, and the future plans they had set together. They leave them with tears, pain and many questions to answer from people in their lives who knew them as their lover. It really hurts a lot and it’s unfair.

If you well know it in your heart that you don’t love someone; maybe they aren’t your type or class, they are from a different tribe that you or your family loathe, they are of a different religion you don’t want, they're from a poor background or family you can’t bear, or they are not much educated to the standard you want, then don’t waste their time by lying to them how you love them just because you want to get financial help from them or because you want to get in their pants. Don’t keep them around with false hope that with time you will adjust a little bit for the betterment of the relationship. Don’t love them out of pity please.

Just tell it to them straight in their face at the start that you don’t love them and they find a way out before they deeply fall in love with you. Don’t revenge on an innocent soul just because you have also ever been hurt so badly in the past. Have a merciful heart. If you can’t then find someone else to play with who entertains such dirty games.

By Evans Okyere.

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