Friday, 20 May 2016

Rescued Chibok Girl Is A Scam: Another Opinion.

Fantastically nonsensical propaganda and deceit of the highest order.

This rescued Chibok girl can't read, speak and understand English but wanted to write WASC examination. Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? This is a ploy to justify the squandering of foreign aid donated for the rescue of the real chibok girls (I.e those ones preparing for physics exam). This is why Nigeria lacks credibility.

The most cruel conspiracy in all of these mess is that Buhari and the Arewa Elders unleashed Boko Haram Pedophiles on Nigeria for cheap and heartless political gains.

These girls were the pawns on the political chessboard to stampede Jonathan out of Aso Rock. We saw his script last week. Buhari had nothing to celebrate on May 29th, 2016. So, he put together this comic soap opera. Country of riddle and jokes, the civilian JTF found her while they were fetching firewood, took her to her mother then to military and then went to arrest the Boko Haram husband. It happened some days after Aisha gave the chibok parents 55m naira .

It is all about May 29 day celebration, Buhari's democracy day speech must have enough points to buttress the fact that PMB has really worked for the past one year.

The brainwashed followers are happy their master that promised to rescue the 276 Chibok girls in less than 3 weeks if he won 2015 presidential elections could only find 1 girl in 365 days. The baby born in sambisa looks healthier than those born in the north ie kano kaduna maiduguri etc.

This Nigeria is a country of anything is possible. Very soon the rest will come out and Shakau himself will be given a national honour for surrendering. North can do anything for power. It's a shame!!

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