Friday, 20 May 2016

Rescued Chibok Girl: People's opinion.

I am trying to understand the logic in this. I am told one of the men in the picture below is a "repentant" Boko Haram member who is the "husband" of the young girl who is allegedly one of the Chibok girls said to have been forcefully abducted from her school over 750 days ago.

(1) Why is a man who was part of a terrorist criminal group that attacked and firebombed a school, killing the security guards, and abducting hundreds of young girls in a picture with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

(2) Why is the abductor and serial rapist of a minor being referred to as her "husband" when he traumatised her and her family by kidnapping her and forcefully separating her from her parents for over 2 full years, a man who did not marry her with the approval of her family?

(3) Why was this criminal given a State reception and a Presidential handshake?

(4) Why is this felon not in chains and inside a dark dungeon giving valuable Intel to the security agencies to help them track down his fellow barbarians?

* Is there something I am missing?

By J. Martins.

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