Monday, 30 May 2016

Ten Bitter Facts For Girls.

1).Ugly girls are getting married every Saturday, the pretty ones will be buying Aso ebi (Party dress), looking glamorous in the wedding pictures, who are you waiting
for, Dangote's son?

2).Shout out to all the girls who feel they need to wash noodles before cooking it. I respect your Hygiene.

3).You are 25 years and you can't cook,wash,clean and you said men should love you for who you are.sister, please tell us who are you.

4).You are 20 years old and dating a 52 year old man and you call him your baby, is he your baby or ancestor?

Somehow, your matter dey Shiloh.(5).You come to my room,remove my phone from charging that is 7% and put your own that is 93% and you are still telling me that you love me.please tell me what kind of wicked love is that.

6).you have 11 boyfriend but you are asking God to bless your relationship.please stop saying that and ask God to bless your team.

7). instead of you to get 220 in jamb but you got 140 and you are asking me to give you money to do brazilian hair.dont tell me you are putting it in that coconut head.

9). Bossy girls be like '' before I think of dating him, he must TOAST me for at least 6month. Don't worry, 25yrs from now. You will be in Shiloh for miracle marriages.

10).100% of girls will see this post. 50% will ignore. 40% will comment insulting me. 8% will thank me and the remaining 2% will be wishing me death

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