Saturday, 2 July 2016


(Ola Olanrewaju Biodun)
1. You see identical twins, and you are asking "are they twins?"

Reply: No, is

2. Nepa brings light and everyone in the neighborhood shouts 'Up Nepa'! My friend asks me, O boy is this electricity?

Reply: No oh, Na Holy Ghost fire! Lol!

3. You saw a person vomiting and you're still asking "are you well?"

Reply: Em well, he's practicing how to vomit.

4. You just woke up from sleep a person came asking you "are you awake?"

Reply: No oh, I came to buy bread that I'd would eat in the dream.

5. You saw a woman gave birth to a new baby and you asked "madam have you given birth?"

Reply: No ohhhh, she bought the baby on OLX!

6. You greet a person "good morning ma" ! She asked, "have you waken?"

Reply: no ohhhh, I am sleep walking!

7. My friend asked me "Oh boy, where you at?" I told him I'm inside a bank and he asked again, "what's happening there?"

Reply: Nah new yam festival.. *LMAO*

8. My neighbour sees me opening the gates to drive out and asks me, "are you going out?"

Reply: Not at all... I be the new gateman!

9. My friend noticed me watching a movie and he asked, "friend are you watching a film?"

Reply: No naa... I am in a discuss with Osuofia!

10.U saw me eating Indomie and you're asking, Oh boy, "is it Indomie you're eating?"

Reply: No ohhhh... Na fried rubber band mixed with thread.

By Ola Olanrewaju Biodun.
Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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