Monday, 11 July 2016

A fatherless generation: People in my community.

Daniels Akpan.
My name is Daniels Akpan and I represent different things to different people.

To some, I am a Son. To some, I am a Brother. To some, I am an Uncle. To some I am an Advocate. To some, I am an Activist. To some, I am a Mentor. To some, I am a Mentee. To some, I am a Friend. To some, I am an acquaintance. To some, I am a confidant. To some, i am a Boss. To some, i am a Leader. To some, i am a Follower. To some, i am their Voice. And again, to some, I am their Pastor.

I live in a generation that tends toward Fatherlessness. They seek to do away with their fathers. They seek to expose their FATHER'S NAKEDNESS. They look for their father's faults and WEAKNESSES.

They dig their Father's grave in anticipation of their death. They seek to bury their fathers before they die. When fathers refuse to die, my generation seek to "KILL", so they can bury their fathers.
What a generation that seek to discredit, expose, replace their fathers and leaders by all means. What a generation that choose TO BE FATHERLESS?

I Daniels Akpan, REFUSE TO BE A PART OF THE GENERATION that will EXPOSE the nakedness of my fathers.

By Daniels Akpan.

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