Sunday, 17 July 2016

Braamfontein: An entertainment hub.

When I first came into Johannesburg, I fell in love with the city and years after my settlement in Braamfontein, I had a feeling of giving back to the community that makes me feel at home soonest I touched down.

I started to feel the need of contributing to my community positively because I found a purpose of making the people of the city to follow in love with their city and the city falling in love with

I chose Braamfontein after my short stay in Kempton Park and my frequent visits of Church street in Pretoria. I fell head over heels in love with this ever dynamic

A whole lots have changed since I first arrived and many thanks to vectors of change like you and me. When I talk about change I mean positive ones.

Braamfontein is now more than a place to stay like it used to be before. Gradually, it has be transformed to a world-class community in a world-class City of Johannesburg. It is now a place to school, work, hang out, eat, drink, shop, live and visit to discover more.

The people here are more friendly, lifestyles are more trending, you will definitely want to come early and most definitely leave
lately. You will always find something to do, people to talk to, somewhere to have fun, place to hang out, good food to eat and basically everybody present is contributing to the electric atmosphere of a secure place for all.

My recent escapade through my pin-hole will nothing but the less proof me right as I ramble through few conners and gatherings of Braamfontein. I hope you will find them attractive and worthy of you paying us a visit soon.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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