Monday, 4 July 2016

How to live effortlessly: People in my community.

(Tayo Gbenro)
I woke up this morning to find myself pondering over the above subject, so I decided to compile a simple list. This may be conspicuous, but it amazes me how much we escape the little things and suffer much.

It is true that we can hardly excel without exerting great effort, but we can increase our odds of achieving excellence and live effortlessly thereafter. A simple manifesto, sort of, can be of help. All you need is an initial effort to stick to the list.

Here’s what my list looks like after ruthlessly cutting it down to bare essentials:


Plan well in advance and have a backup plan.

Be adequately prepared and put your mind to it.

Set SMART goals and do not procrastinate execution.

Always double check facts and your solutions.

Sleep early and start your day early.

Avoid too much research.


Accumulate less of material things, rather enjoy experiences with family.

Spend less. The trick here is accountability. Pool funds with spouse. Spend from one source.

Train your kids and be there for them.

Personal Living

Have virtues (e.g. patience, honesty) and avoid compromising situations.

Develop good habit, break bad ones fast.

Eat good meal (60% veggies, 30% fruitiest, 10% other) and exercise regularly.

Take some rest to cool off.

The list can easily be bogus but I felt being too much detracts from the whole idea of living
effortlessly. So I kept it to a simple thirteen. I am not also fully enjoying that effortless living yet, but I am determined to use the above ideas.

If you have any ideas that isn't covered by the above, let me know in the comments below and I can gladly include. (and credit you as the source)

Its half-year, what better time is there to start living deliberately with a little less effort?

By Tayo Gbenro.

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