Saturday, 23 July 2016

Issues with modern ladies: People in my community.

-You find a beautiful one, The brain is empty.

-You find a brilliant one, She looks too serious.

-You find an upgraded one, She’s always after human hair and flashy things.

-You find a rich one, She lacks manners.

-You find a hard-working one, She is a career woman.

-You find a serious one, Her EX keeps calling.

-You find a humble one, She doesn’t look presentable.

-You find a responsible one, She’s not romantic.

-You find a cultured one, She refuses to embrace civilisation.

-You find a simple one, She never takes you serious.

-You find an educated one, She feels she’s always right.

-You find an illiterate one, She always gets angry whenever you correct her.

-You find a devoted one, She reports you to her religious instructor each time you have an issue.

-You find a fat one, All she knows is sleep.

-You find a short one, She hardly gets over issues.

-You find a smart one, she lies every time.

This is a serious issue, our Ladies, which category do you belong to?

Our gentlemen, which category can u condone?

By Feranlink Loveth.

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