Monday, 4 July 2016

Measures of Success: People in my community.

(Tayo Gbenro)
This is another article sent through by my reliable friend, Mr. Tayo Gbenro. After reading through I decided to share may be it could be a source of blessing to you.

Measures of Success:

Many have erroneous view of success. They say the only better measure of success is the amount of money you make. In their view, people with a lot of money are successful. But if you ask the rich you will likely get a different answer.

Of course the universal measure of success is a good relationship with the true God, the creator. But in the secular world of human endeavor or business, success has varied measures. Money truly is one of them, but so is the total number of customers, the number or lives impacted, the size of landscape occupied, the rate of occupancy. The list can rhetorically continue.

Lets illustrate the point this way. A man has a heart problem and his doctor after discovery starts him on a treatment. The doctor asked him to do various things in order to improve his health condition, from taking medicines, to food and exercise.

To know how well he is doing on his journey to a better health, the doctor measures a number of variables - his pulse rate, cholesterol level, takes an angiogram, blood pressure etc. When one of these measures show positive signs he is on his way to a good heart, the goal or successful end. When all the measures indicate progress and reaches that healthy point, then he has a good heart.

If business can be measured in various ways just like the heart, in what way(s) can you then measure your own business? No one can dictate that for you, you have to set your own standards. But a possible universal guide for identifying success would be something that gives you deep and prolonged happiness. Measures to capture that would be deemed as good measures. Money by all levels hardly delivers this level of happiness. Even though it is an important measure, using it as the only or key measure may not indicate your true business success.

Go, set your measures of success and lets see what it looks like. Privately email me to let me know what set of measures you’ve chosen and let’s see how well you can relentlessly improve your business using these measures.

By Tayo Gbenro.
Edited by Olagunju Success Taiwo.

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