Thursday, 14 July 2016

Never walk alone. Find your Team: People in my community.

We must gradually begin to face the cold fact that not everyone will get married and not everyone will stay married. These are statistical realities we cannot afford to bury our heads in the sands on for long. The calendar of death does not mark people down by their age, neither is the world churning out equal numbers of males and females. These problems when properly imagined, create fears and the human solutions are far from God’s solutions.

The human solution to these malaise are
1. Desperation to get married - be among the “lucky ones”. This is one of the realities creating the avalanche of sex before marriage. “Tie him with what he wants”
2. Desperation to become a baby mama, since guys won’t go round, why not get what I really want - a baby.
3. Marry anyone as a placeholder and really getting married to career or the Children.
4. Marry a few wives, or marry one, and keep some other side chicks.
5. Become independents!

The segment most hit by these factual positions are ladies, and the summary of the moves made to solve this challenge is - Becoming Independent. Men on their own end become randy and irresponsible. The ladies can take care of themselves, so why does a man need to worry! This is destructive philosophy, it’s the reason why Real Men are wanted. Independence - this is a virtue that looks good when compared with dependence, but is still quite low on the food chain.

I have always wondered how come Buffalo’s get preyed upon by lions. How can a herd of 1,000 full stature and highly equipped with horns buffalos run from a pride of a few lions? The secret is not a big secret - the fears of the Buffalo’s push them to independence. They run helter-skelter each animal to it’s own, while the lions 2-4 of them already have a plan to identify the one lagging behind and go for the lowest hanging fruit - Together! Independent buffalo’s end up on the dinning tables of interdependent lions.

We lose everything by deciding to become independent! No matter how harsh the statistics look, God’s word must be the basis by which the future is guided. God has a solution to these statistics. It’s not a new solution, He always did!

What is the purpose of marriage? Why did God create the institution? Is it for everyone? Can the purpose of Marriage be achieved even if one does not get married? Is there a way I can ensure I am not alone even if I’m not married? How can I become interdependent when I’m really independent? What is Christ’s view?

These and many more, will be handled in future articles, meetings and conferences. Stay tuned.

By Adeolu Akinyemi.

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