Thursday, 21 July 2016

Rich Towards God Conclusion: People in my community.

“Don’t let the things of the world master you but let things of heaven do”-The closing remark from Pastor Philip Quinn as he rounds off “Rich Towards God”, a series at Cornerstone Church.

The main purpose of whatever God gives us is to give it back and use it in His kingdom building, use it in building our community positively, our nation and the whole world at large. The series dealt with the importance of giving and giving cheerfully while not
expecting in return.

Luke 12: 15; pinpoints Christ saying that our life cannot be measured by how much we own so that we will guard ourselves against greed. Humans’ wants and needs are numerous and they would everyday increase and it would be detrimental if we allow it to control us.

The plan of God is us as children of the kingdom to count on his provision (Luke 12:22-30).God actually wants us to be more concerned about His kingdom (Luke 12: 31). The reason we need to invest in the kingdom and think about what come next after life.

God wants us to be like Priscilla and Aquila and help make the gospel available. Act 18:1-28, would blow your mind and the roles of these amazing couple will shed more light on how important your contribution physically, morally, financially and otherwise in a local church matter.

Cornerstone Church Uptown is a church in the city reaching out to the people in Braamfontein; in order for them “To KNOW CHRIST and MAKE HIM KNOWN.”

Are you in search of a local church? Pays us a visit online at: or physically at 2-4, De Beer Street, Braamfontein.

Remain blessed!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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