Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Lessons of EURO 2016: People in my community.

(Cristiano Ronaldo)
1. Never underrate anyone - Both Wales and Iceland were no forces to be reckoned with at the inception of the tournament but history was made of them as the *Underdogs* of EURO 2016.

2. Never lose hope even when you're outplayed - They didn't qualified out of the group stage but luck shone on them to be picked as *Best Loser*.

They grabbed the opportunity bestowed upon them, valued it, forgot their rough past, started afresh with new strategies and doggedness without dropping focus.

Lo and behold, it was *only* at semi-final that they really played a compact and steamy football which gave them a convincing winning. And same they applied in the final despite all odds.

Portugal carried the day even without their main-man, C. Ronaldo.

No matter your situation, do not right off yourself. Never give up. *It is NOT finished until it is FINALLY finished (death)*

By Adedeji Samson.

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