Friday, 15 July 2016

Weekend Joke: People in my community.

(Lanre Jemiriye)
A girl told her boyfriend, "honey next Sunday is my birthday". The guy promised to surprise her and she told everyone that his guy is going to surprise her.

So on the day of her birthday all her family members and friends gathered and were to see the surprise.

Finally the guy arrived for the birthday bash and the girl girl jumped out on her seat with happiness to welcome her fiance.

The guy collected the microphone and says, "ladies and gentlemen I have a surprise for my fiance". He dipped his hand in the poly-bag that he was holding and brought a very big bread for her.

To her uttermost amazement,the girl collected the bread and threw it on his face, she slapped him twice, saying you're a fool, an idiot and how can u buy ordinary bread for me and you call it a surprise."

The guy took the bread and opened it to the public, inside this bread, there was a car key, engagement ring and the keys to her new home.

The girl screamed and she started crying, and later asked for his forgiveness.


Thank God is Friday folks.

By Lanre Jemiriye.
Edited by Olagunju Success Taiwo.

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