Sunday, 28 August 2016

For the lady in the waiting.

For the lady in the waiting.

We live in a world that is so socially constructed that if you are not in a stable relationship or married by a certain age; you begin to hear things like: Do you plan on getting married?

You are not getting any younger!It is always better to be a young mother and time is running out and all the nice men are being taken!

When you reach this stage of your life, you need to stand firm in the season that you are in. Do not rush into a relationship or marriage because you are rushing into a season that you are not ready for.

You are rushing into a season that was not destined for you. Do not put on the shoes that were not designed for your feet, the shoes that were not designed for your journey. Trust in God's timing.

The "husband" that is called by God to be with you is on his way with no delay!

"Do not settle for this modern day of dating where people almost dated!"

"They do not know where they stand with their partner."

"It's complicated!"

"Let's take a break type of relationship."

"Sex before marriage type of relationship."

Do not get caught up in what society expects you to have achieved by a certain age. Eventually things will fall into place at the right timing, God's timing.

You are your longest commitment. Invest in yourself. Take the time to find out things about yourself:

What makes you content?
What makes your happy, sad, aggressive?
What are you goals?
How have you invested in yourself?
What do you expect in a partner?
Are your expectations realistic ?
Are you able to bring to the table what you expect from your significant other ?
What do your values and morals look like?
What makes you think you are the right partner?

When you can answer these questions honestly, You will know what you want in life.

You will not waver and will not drink from every cup of opportunity that's handed to you. You will not  settle for anything less than your standards or worth.

People end up in unpleasant relationships and divorce because they, themselves did not even know what they wanted; to begin with.

They did not  even know the impact of the decision that they had to make. Do not rush into things that you are not ready for, it is not good for your heart.

It is called breaking your own heart. I mean what are you left with other than another failed relationship, hopes and shattered dreams.

By Daisy Muller.
Edited by Olagunju, Success Taiwo.


  1. The way I relate to this. Preach my spiritual sister. We shouldn't rush God's plans.

  2. Preach my sister. This is so true though.

  3. Got me thinking hard about social standards and what's expected of us...good read indeed