Saturday, 20 August 2016

Kelvin crowned the "King of the Rock" again: People in my community.

(Middle: Kelvin)
It takes two to tango, Kelvin, 2015 champion of the King of the Rock beat Tshepo to retain the Red Bull: King of the Rock title in 2016.

It took 5 minutes to decide who will represent South Africa in Serbia for a new journey of basketball championship.

(Left: Tshepo)
Kelvin, a Gabonese residing in South Africa did not let his loyal fans down by clinching it again and wearing the prestigious gold-plated medal.

Kelvin who was injured in the route to a new reign; did not
let go until he climbed the winner's podium, drank the winner's champagne and walking the winner's way.

In his vote of thanks to his fans, he was thankful for their support and rounded off with  "God bless you!"

The future is bright as Kelvin prepares to shine away from home in Serbia.

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.


  1. Kevin is from Gabon and not Congolese

  2. Kevin is from Gabon and not Congolese

  3. Thanks to you Yele...noted and corrected. Keep supporting us to serve our community better!