Monday, 15 August 2016

SASSY: People in my community.

I'm sorry I dropped this two days ago. I've been really busy lately. We will talk today on 'sassy' the way Christian ladies should dress. Before we talk about sassy I would like us to talk about 'Fashion'.

Yesterday I was on my way to church and a friend came to me and said..."Mimo, this your mummy G.O dressing na real fashion ooo". Then I paused for a while and asked her, "What is fashion?"..The expression on her face was like 'fashion?'

I then asked again, "Who made fashion?". She was just looking at me. I said you and I made fashion. The majority of us made fashion, anything the world agrees to becomes fashion, it was someone who started wearing trouser and then many people liked it and started wearing it.

First it was 'to match' (uniformity in color). If you are putting on a pink dress, you should wear a pink shoe, that is, pink all through. Someone then came up and said, "Why don't we combine colours?" Maybe blue and yellow, red and blue etc, that became fashion. Then another person tried out three colours, maybe white, wine and black or yellow, coral and blue.... That became fashionable.

Then someone else came and said colour riot is now trendy. So now we even have rag day in our various universities. Fashion is any form of appearance or dressing which you and I accept. So likewise we believers can make our own fashion. And that leads us to dressing Sassy.

I have a very close friend of mine back then in secondary school, she wasn't only a close friend, she was a mentor, someone I admire, a devoted Christian but one day she registered on 2go with a monicker "Just Sassy" I was like "sassy"? Mary?' How can Mary go by the name 'just sassy'?

To me, the name sound like something bad. It sounded like sexy to me but I was wrong. Funny enough I didn't even check the dictionary for that word until years later. One thing led to the other and I learnt the meaning wasn't bad after all. I usually hear sassy addressed with smartness. Then I understood what sassy really was.

Sassy: according to Merriam Webster means stylish, confident and energetic, it also means bold, sophisticated, smart, wise. In Fashion terms, it means a dress that is sufficient, a dress that is bold and enough. A sassy outfit is not a skimpy outfit, it's not a dress that is insufficient and revealing, it's more than enough to cover all our body.

By dressing sassy, I don't mean you have to wear oversized or go old fashioned, it doesn't mean you have to wear a long pleated skirt and a long chiffon top. No!

Sassy also means lively. When you dress bold and lively, you can wear a beautiful outfit perfectly fitted like you were crafted in it and then you cover all your body. A dress you can confidently sit with, a dress that you are not feeling insecure and confused. It's a dress you don't feel exposed in it.

You don't have to be old fashioned, or dress too old no! That way, you won't have the people of the world emulate you but when you dress sassy, you dress with an astonishing glorious outfit. It doesn't have to be expensive, but simple, moderate and good looking. Even people in the world will emulate you.

Remember, just as skimpy dress is a license to hell, superfluous (oversized dress) is not a license to heaven.

So dress sassy, confident, bold, sophisticated and smart. Don't dress sexy and cause sexual attention from people not even your worth.

Have a blessed week!

Edited by Olagunju Taiwo.
By Miriam Moyse Peculiar.

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