Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This thing called marriage: People in my community.

(Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa)
A man or woman that can't abstain from premarital sex before marriage will find it difficult after marriage.
Your faithfulness to a life of abstinence before marriage will determine whether you'd remain faithful to your spouse alone during marriage.
Not everyone living together as husband and wife are enjoying their marriage, many are enduring it.
The crux of the matter is in this song a man of God sang, "Gbadura ki o to Yan, Gbadura ki o to gbe. Koma ba gbe tan, kowa digi elera, koma ba gbetan kowa di ajeku iyan, gbadura ki o to gbe o jare"

(Pray before you choose, pray before you marry him or her, so that you won't end up marrying a calamity or a leftover, pray before you marry).

By Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa.

Please note: Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa is a professional relationship consultant residing in Lagos. He is a graduate of University of Lagos{Quantity Surveying (QS)}. 

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