Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Why Prayers are unanswered: People in my community.

Previously, we analyzed what prayer is all about - a communication between man and God. It was noted that the foundation of a relationship is based on communication.

And the swiftness or sluggishness of communication depends on the level of relationship. It was also said that relationship grows through frequent communication and an absence of it will cause a break in the bond of friendship.

All these also happens to your prayer life and our relationship with God.

Having discovered all these, we will discover why sometimes our prayers are unanswered. What are the cause?

#1 - SIN: It is the fundamental hindrance to getting answers to your prayers. Psalm 66:18 stated that, if you cherish sins in your heart God will not hear you. That is, our prayers cannot be answered if we sin or live in it.

Isaiah 59:1 analyze how sin has separated us from God so much that we can't get any help from God, not because He is unwilling to help but because our hands are filled with sin. So praying with sin is the same as saying no prayer at all because God doesn't answer the prayers of sinners.

#2 - Motive: Some will wonder why their prayers are unanswered even when they claim to be born again, if you live Right and yet your prayers are unanswered check your 'motive'.

James 4:3, stated that when you ask for God for something in your selfish desires or you ask for something from God to intimidate others, they're impure motives. E.g. when you ask God for Lexus jeep because sister Chinenye just bought a Toyota Camry or you ask God for flashy cars and houses and you are not ready to work for it. If you pray with the wrong motive you won't get answers.

#3 - Unbelief/Doubt: In James 6:8, faith is the first step to receiving answers to prayers. If you don't believe God can do something for you, then He won't do anything for you. Before God can change your life, you have to change your mindset to believe that He is able to do all you have asked of Him.

John 14:13 says anything we ask God in the name of Jesus, He will do it. But in verse 12, believing is crucial. So you must first believe that you will receive.

#4 - Time: Ecc 3:1. Talks about time, God has His timing for everything He does for mankind. The Bible says there is a time of silence, meaning there's a time when all we have to do is 'do nothing' but just wait and hope.

So you might be asking God for something when the time is not right. God's thought are higher than ours so His ways outweighs your own plan. If you request for something that is not necessary at the wrong time, you’ll not get answers from Him. For example a child asking God for a Lexus jeep. That is obviously the wrong time to offer such prayer, his prayers won't be answered.

Do not forget that with God, there’s always an appointed time and your timing may not agree with His. You can get it done outside His timing but it will only come with lots of struggles and frustration. But in His timing, He makes everything beautiful!

#5- The Will of God. In the Lords prayer, after adoration, comes total surrender: "thy will be done" Matt. 6:10.

You should always submit your ways, your desires, your wants to God's will. Let's God's will be done in every situation, in every decision even in every action. Even when the pain was too much for Jesus, He asked for assistance from God but for his "will" to be done.

So you can be asking God for something and if it's not His will, He might not give you. Give up on your struggles and let God have His way.

#6 - Spiritual Hindrances: Daniel 10:12,13. Daniel had a vision which was yet to be interpreted and then king Cyrus delivered a message to Daniel which was according to his vision.

Daniel prayed and fasted for 3 weeks and on the 24 day, he got a revelation. God had answered his prayer 21 days earlier but the prince of Persia held the angel of his answers until a greater angel, angel Michael came to rescue him.

Strong men can hold the answers to your prayers and they are not physically seen. This is why Paul told us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power.

When you pray and your response are hindered, it will look like God is sleeping, meanwhile He has answered a long time ago. To deal with this strong holds, you need to do what Daniel did fast!

#7- Fasting: In Mark 9:29, some situations, some problems won't go except you get your spiritual man deeply connected to God and the easiest way to connect to heaven is through fasting. It enables you to subdue the flesh and strengthen your spirit man.

You can't be praying a deep foundational deliverance prayer with a bowl of Eba in your stomach. Depending on the severity of the situation, you need to apply fasting to your prayers because there are some situations that can only give way when prayer is combined with fasting.

When Esther was going to see the king, she asked the children of Israel to "fast and pray". Some prayers might be unanswered if we don't fast and pray.

Are you ready to pray? Be sinless! Ask with the right motives in accordance to His will.

Be faith-filled. Break every spiritual hindrances in the heavenlies and add a touch of fasting to your prayers.

God bless you!

By Miriam Moyse Peculiar.

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