Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Does Love cost a thing?

Saw a movie some years back title 'love don't cost a thing' twas a really an interesting movie but then again as i grow up i pondered on the title 'love don't cost a thing' really? Love don't cost a thing? Being confused i search the scripture.

Who is Love? Note! 'who' not 'what' because first of all...'love is not a thing' Love is a person. Love is the expression of care showed one to another, love is an attitude, an action of kindness. Love is not a 'feeling' feeling is a thing that doesn't exist in the real world. Love exist in humans beings, born again. Love is you, love is me

Now! Who is Love?? ...... God! God is love. Now does love cost a thing??....Yes!!... Love does cost a thing. Not just a thing so many things. John 3:16....For God so Love the world, that he 'GAVE' his only begotten 'SON'.

Love gives..... And to give something you have to take off something from you and give give or add another, so it cost you something. It cost God his 'Only Son' Jesus Christ to prove his Love to us.

Love will cost you something. It might not be in monetary terms. But love will cost you, your time! your attention! Your resources! Investment! Etc So yes! Love does cost a thing. Till I come your way some other time. We will talk about 'Love has a price'. Have a blessed holiday

By Miriam Moyse Peculiar.

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