Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Jagun-jagun; loju ibon: My tribute to 2pac.

Image source: www.2pac.com
As it is:

I have to accept that it's your 20th anniversary of walking away from active Hip-Hop, active lifestyle that brings about the liberation of many human race, empowerment through your work, inspiration through your realness  and your active service on war zone.

I met you through your music, I related with you through your struggle, I experienced you through your ups and downs, lived
life with you through your lifestyle and I foretold life through your rear view.

The painful thing is; your disappearance on the scene left a huge gap that no one could fit into but I found solace in the work of your past left behind. I still find it hard to endure or come to understanding that you're actually gone and that's why I so much half-believe the conspiracy theories of your whereabouts.

I guess I don't have to search for long cause inside of me you live!

Adieu Tupac Amaru Shakur..."Odigba; jagun-jagun loju ibon"

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo (OST).

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