Saturday, 17 September 2016


How glad I was I had met a girl who had a rare combination of beauty, elegance, eloquence and glamour.

To show my sincerity, I made a proposal and she gladly accepted. We got introduced to family and friends on both sides. It was sealed: We were engaged to be married.

Each time we took pictures, people commended our choice of each other.
But there was this signal in my spirit, small but convincing voice that alerted me I was on a destiny-dashing pursuit. I resisted it over and again but it persisted.

So, I decided to retreat to pray. It was like the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane. With a broken heart, I asked God to destroy the union I held second to my faith in Christ if it ran contrary to His will for me.

I was rolling on the floor of the open roof of Abia State University Hostel B, praying and crying but wishing that God will leave that relationship intact. After all, she was born again and had godly character! It remains one of the most bitter periods of my life.

Days later, I had the rudest shock of my life. She walked up to me and told me she was not sure of getting a man that would show her the kind of love I was showing but that she was not the right match for my destiny purpose! My heart was cut in pieces.
I pleaded.

She said it was difficult to let me go but that it was better I miss her and fulfil my purpose!

Though I was shattered, I needed no prophet to remind me that God had answered the prayer I did not want Him to answer.

How could I ever think of life without her? We were getting on well. All my dreams were built around her and hers around me.  With time, I swallowed the bitter pill.

It was all over.

So, the first time God showed me my wife, it was most unacceptable. How could I marry a little year one girl with no exposure and elegance?

My status as a final year law student could not match this "Jambite".  On the 14th of February,1998 the campus was scanty as most students had traveled for Valentine. Taking a walk, we ran into each other.

We had never talked before.  I decided to start a chat with her. I was dazed by her inner personality. Jesus!

She had everything I was looking for but it was still difficult to accept her. I went into prayers and starting observing her closely without her notice. All my doubts were cleared.

On our second meeting, I proposed. She told me to erase the idea from my
brain as she will never marry me!  With her bold refusal, I gave her a distance but kept on praying.

One day, she asked me to see her. That settled it.  She said to me: "Though I turned down your proposal, I have become convinced that you are the man I can't resist!"

God had told her about my calling and asked her to support me.

In order to seal the memory of our first chat on a Valentine day, we wedded on 14th Feb 2004, Valentine day.

The ways of God are deep!

How could I have missed marrying her for anything in the world?  Twelve years after, we have had so many challenges but are still determined to finish strong.  She has helped me get better at my assignment.

God sees deeper and better than our six senses.

By Noble Udo Onwumere.

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