Thursday, 8 September 2016


When people need advice in any area of life, they can turn to the Bible for Godly answers. What does the Bible say about marriage? Plenty, beginning with the successes and failures of the first husband and wife, Adam and Eve.

People are always interested in relationships—how to have them and how to maintain them—and it seems this is especially true in the area of marriage. What makes a marriage work? Is there some special secret, or is it a hit–and–miss proposition?

God created the institution of marriage in His creation of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. And God has plenty to say about this important subject. Having a great marriage begins with how we accept, receive, and act on what is in God’s Word about this holy institution of marriage.

First, our personal relationship with God must be strong for our marriage relationship to be strong. In order to develop and maintain a godly marriage, we must develop and maintain a close relationship with God. His Word must be the final authority in our lives if we are to enjoy the success that He intends for us.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, and i shared how important it is for spouse to love each other. These can be done successfully by building up a strong love for God.

Secondly, Open and loving communication is the key to a healthy marriage. A healthy marriage relationship is one in which you are both able to be truthful with each other without the other becoming offended. That means that in certain situations, you are able to look at yourself and say, “My spouse is right, and I am wrong.” When you get to the place where you can receive what your spouse has to say and then honestly look at yourself and admit you need to change, you’re on the way to having a great marriage relationship!

God gave us a spouse to help us make good decisions and to give us godly counsel. That’s why Adam and Eve should have communicated better with each other. If we’re to learn from their mistakes, we must learn how to effectively communicate with our spouse.

In conclusion, We are not without help in developing and maintaining a godly marriage. God created the institution of marriage, and His Word gives us ample instructions for the marriage relationship.

By Exploit Christian Centre.

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