Saturday, 10 September 2016

Why do Students often give names to their Lecturers?

Some few weeks ago, a student walked into my office at the Polytechnic where I lecture. After greeting me, she told me she came to see "Mr Duhu". (Duhu is an Hausa word for Darkness).

In my usual INNOCENT attempt to help her, I asked her to describe the person. To my amazement, it was my next office colleague.

"His name is not 'Duhu", I tried to correct her... "His name is..." I informed her. Her response was...

"I know, but that's what we call him in our Class"



I got perplexed. So I requested to know what name they call me and other lecturers, since they had names for every lecturer.

I heard several names that these students call my colleagues... I needed to hear what name they call me...

Guess What My Students call me!!!

They call me DADDY!

I wanted to know why they call me Daddy, so I asked a few questions more...

I was told they call me Daddy because each time I come to class for lectures, i must make time to advice them. That that is what Fathers do... Give advice!!!

Two years ago, my National Diploma 2 students were calling me "shekem" and "coat of many colours"... That I wear different colours of suits to work. So on that bases, they gave me a name.

(You may never know what they call you, say about you if you are not close enough or friendly, or have an "insider")

If you are a Teacher or Lecturer... Dont be deceived, your students have a special name for you!!!
It doesn't cost much to be a good teacher/lecturer.

By Daniels Akpan.

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